Thursday, August 25, 2011

Drama Class, Dance Class, School Orientation

Our Fall schedule has kinda started this week. Tuesday evenings Rylie has drama at the dance studio.

Her friends Jaiden and Charlotte are in class with her! The best photo I could get of all 3 of them!

And an outtake. Is drama not the perfect fit for miss thing?
Basically it's a cute class where they learn some acting techniques. They act out different scenes they're told. Just something fun I knew Rylie would love!

Wednesday afternoon Rylie is back in dance!

We're so glad her friend Cady is in class with her! She has the same teacher too and is very happy to be back.

This morning Rylie had orientation for her school. She starts next Tuesday for the Fall schedule and today we just met the teachers and the parents had a little info meeting. Rylie has been just a ray of sunshine this morning so we took a photo together. She actually woke up and ran downstairs saying "Mommy, are you ok?! Is Remy ok?!" I said yes and she hugged my belly. Not sure if it was a dream or just concern that I wasnt still in bed when she came down LOL I actually slept well and got up and dressed early.

Our schedule's about to get a lot more crazy but we're excited for the new things starting up!

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

BUSY, but FUN! So cute that she is concerned!