Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Sister Class

Rylie had dance today and I had to get a photo in her new leotard. She's getting so tall the others were getting tight. Getting her to smile normal for a picture is a task these days!

After dance we met David at the hospital for a "big sibling" class for Rylie. She learned to change a diaper on a baby doll (and did really well!) 

And she learned how to swaddle the baby doll.

And how to hold her the right way (always sitting on the floor they said)

AND how to know if a toy is too small for baby. If it fits inside a toilet paper roll, it's dangerous for baby. So she's our "police" on that with things around the house now.

Then they got cute hats and masks which Rylie LOVED to wear!

And we did a hospital tour. Rylie got to see the nursery where 1 baby was sleeping and see a delivery room (above) and a recovery room where she'll see me and meet Remy!

It was such a cute class. Rylie did very well and actually cried at the end when we said it was time to go home. She thought after the class Remy was going to be born and started sobbing "I want Remy to come out!" I told her next time we go to the hospital is when she'll come out. I hope. =)


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Sounds like someone is getting excited to be a "Big Sister."