Thursday, August 4, 2011

Big Girl Play with Carter

Monday we hadnt planned to leave the house so we invited Carter to come over (she also turned 2 on Tuesday)! We figured her Mommy needed a break since little sister Sophie hadnt made her debut yet, so we'd entertain Carter. They were the cutest things playing together! Carter has gotten so big and is talking so much now! She answered everything with "Oh yeah!" which cracked me up all morning!

They especially loved playing girly things like tea party and baby dolls.

Then Rylie got out some princess dresses and crowns! This thrilled Rylie to have someone to dressup with her! Carter wanted to twirl and dance right away.

My crazy girl! She of course was bummed when Carter had to go home. Even though there's 2 years between them I'm glad they have fun together and hope they grow up staying good friends.

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