Sunday, August 28, 2011

38 Weeks

Wow...9 1/2 months pregnant!
Baby measures about 6.8 lbs and 19 1/2 inches, the size of a watermelon.

38 weeks with Rylie-my last pregnancy photo with her. Our last date night before she arrived!
I had a very discouraging Dr appt Thur. (Huge thanks to Susan for watching Rylie!)
I know it's not typical to be "checked" at this appt and I wasnt progressed with Rylie at this point, but I've felt a lot of pressure lately so I asked the nurse to be checked just in case. I didnt want to wonder for another week. But I wasnt getting my hopes up. So she did a quick check and Remy's not even dropped. No dilation or anything. So not a big deal-same way I was with Rylie. But the way the Dr talked to me the whole time was very discouraging. I felt so patronized like she was talking down to me. We'd already talked about scheduling an induction next week but she said I'm not even close to starting to progress so she wouldn't schedule one. So we'll see at my appt this week if there's progression, but I'm pretty sure the way she talked to me that Remy will be late...and weigh 10 lbs...and knowing my luck I'll deliver again without an epidural.
I left the appt in tears.
 I know a lot can change in a week. It did with Rylie and she came 5 days early on her own. It was just a very discouraging day.

On another note, pregnant women really are seriously off-balance! Last week I fell in the backyard. A wasp flew in my face and I turned around real quick, twisted my ankle trying to rush away from it, and fell on my hands and knees. I didnt hit my belly or anything so we're ok. Then earlier this week I was stepping out of the bathtub (it's got a high side to it), slipped, and almost fell on the tile. Luckily I caught myself with the counter and didnt get hurt. I'm seriously afraid of falling again.

All the belly sticker pictures! Hopefully this was the last one.

Almost finished packing hospital bags and need to put carseat in my car!


EMonaghan said...

She'll come in her own time, she's just putting her finishing touches on her sweetness. Just like the golden edges of a pumpkin pie :) And, you made it through the last delivery so you know you CAN do it again! Not a very good pep talk, but I be praying for Remy to quickly finish baking!

EMonaghan said...

also, love all the belly pics, you look fabulous!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Aw don't be discouraged! It will be ok!! The belly pics are so fun and cute!