Tuesday, August 9, 2011

35 Weeks

35 weeks with Rylie & currently with Remy! I think I look the same? (Also not sure why the right picture is so small?)

So the main news this week is the weather.

It's been over 100 the past week and had heat index 110. It's been brutal!

As far as symptoms this week, I've had trouble getting to sleep at night and being super tired during the day. I've had pains in my feet from wearing flip flops so often. It's just hard to reach and put sneakers on and it's too hot for them! Heartburn's been gone for awhile since I take Prilosec every morning.

I also have a funny, somewhat embarassing story. Ok so it's been such a pain shaving my legs every day now, but hey it's hot and I want to wear shorts a lot and I'm just one who has to shave daily. SO I decided to try some waxing strips that looked easy on the commercial and would keep hair away for weeks at a time. So I suffered in pants for 2 days growing leg hair out a little, then I tried the strips. If only the pain made it worthwhile! lol It did sting quite a bit, but on top of that, they didnt get all the hair! AND then my legs broke out into red bumps. They stung for days, so again I suffered 2 more days in pants hiding them before I could finally just shave and get them to normal again. So just a fair warning if you're ever thinking of attempting this! Don't! lol

I had my checkup yesterday and Dr confirmed Remy is now head down! Yay! I go weekly now & already scheduled my next 4 appointments. Final month!

I'm also really excited my neighbor and friend Tiffany had baby Sophie Saturday! I saw her today & she's just a tiny ball of precious sweetness =)

I'll leave you with this sweet picture I posted on Facebook the other day....
She's so ready to be a big sister! Completely did this all on her own!


EMonaghan said...

i've been following along, but cant leave comments through my reader. if you think its hot there- its been above 105 here for the last week :( anyway, not much longer for you now. got to figure out a time to get down there to give you remy's present before she comes!

Rosie said...

Your waxing story sounds an aweful lot like my Nair story.. pregnancy skin is so sensitive! And idk about you but I was NOT about to let my hubby shave for me!
That pic is adorable!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Yeah you're almost there! Sorry the waxing didn't work:(