Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Sister Class

Rylie had dance today and I had to get a photo in her new leotard. She's getting so tall the others were getting tight. Getting her to smile normal for a picture is a task these days!

After dance we met David at the hospital for a "big sibling" class for Rylie. She learned to change a diaper on a baby doll (and did really well!) 

And she learned how to swaddle the baby doll.

And how to hold her the right way (always sitting on the floor they said)

AND how to know if a toy is too small for baby. If it fits inside a toilet paper roll, it's dangerous for baby. So she's our "police" on that with things around the house now.

Then they got cute hats and masks which Rylie LOVED to wear!

And we did a hospital tour. Rylie got to see the nursery where 1 baby was sleeping and see a delivery room (above) and a recovery room where she'll see me and meet Remy!

It was such a cute class. Rylie did very well and actually cried at the end when we said it was time to go home. She thought after the class Remy was going to be born and started sobbing "I want Remy to come out!" I told her next time we go to the hospital is when she'll come out. I hope. =)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day New School

Aside from the little Summer camp she just finished, today was Rylie's official first day in her new school! She seemed excited until this morning. She seemed pretty nervous and wouldnt eat her breakfast.

Then she seemed excited when we got there and saw her name on the wall! When they opened her class though, she got clingy to me, but went in to play. They had a little breakfast for parents outside the sanctuary after dropoff to watch the kids do Chapel Time. At first Rylie just sat there next to Logan but finally got up and danced with everyone. So I headed out and then her class was walking back to it's room and walked by my car. Look what I just happened to see.....

Uh-oh! Rylie and Logan walking back to class holding hands. I felt like a paparazzi snapping this photo from my car lol Logan's the only person she knows in her new class so I think she's clinging towards him more. I'm excited for this school year at the new school and think it will be a great one!

Rylie's 1st day of school 2009, 2010, and 2011
(the first 2 were taken in late Oct)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Rylie, I'm So Proud Of You!

At Rylie's dance recital this past May another little girl class did a cute routine before Rylie's to the most adorable song ever. I was in tears before Rylie even got on stage just from this song. It's completely touched my heart and reminds me 100% of my girl. So I finally made a video for Rylie in lieu of her becoming a big sister soon and growing up so fast.

I'm really so very proud of the little girl you're growing up to be Rylie! You make us the happiest Mommy and Daddy in the world!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

38 Weeks

Wow...9 1/2 months pregnant!
Baby measures about 6.8 lbs and 19 1/2 inches, the size of a watermelon.

38 weeks with Rylie-my last pregnancy photo with her. Our last date night before she arrived!
I had a very discouraging Dr appt Thur. (Huge thanks to Susan for watching Rylie!)
I know it's not typical to be "checked" at this appt and I wasnt progressed with Rylie at this point, but I've felt a lot of pressure lately so I asked the nurse to be checked just in case. I didnt want to wonder for another week. But I wasnt getting my hopes up. So she did a quick check and Remy's not even dropped. No dilation or anything. So not a big deal-same way I was with Rylie. But the way the Dr talked to me the whole time was very discouraging. I felt so patronized like she was talking down to me. We'd already talked about scheduling an induction next week but she said I'm not even close to starting to progress so she wouldn't schedule one. So we'll see at my appt this week if there's progression, but I'm pretty sure the way she talked to me that Remy will be late...and weigh 10 lbs...and knowing my luck I'll deliver again without an epidural.
I left the appt in tears.
 I know a lot can change in a week. It did with Rylie and she came 5 days early on her own. It was just a very discouraging day.

On another note, pregnant women really are seriously off-balance! Last week I fell in the backyard. A wasp flew in my face and I turned around real quick, twisted my ankle trying to rush away from it, and fell on my hands and knees. I didnt hit my belly or anything so we're ok. Then earlier this week I was stepping out of the bathtub (it's got a high side to it), slipped, and almost fell on the tile. Luckily I caught myself with the counter and didnt get hurt. I'm seriously afraid of falling again.

All the belly sticker pictures! Hopefully this was the last one.

Almost finished packing hospital bags and need to put carseat in my car!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Drama Class, Dance Class, School Orientation

Our Fall schedule has kinda started this week. Tuesday evenings Rylie has drama at the dance studio.

Her friends Jaiden and Charlotte are in class with her! The best photo I could get of all 3 of them!

And an outtake. Is drama not the perfect fit for miss thing?
Basically it's a cute class where they learn some acting techniques. They act out different scenes they're told. Just something fun I knew Rylie would love!

Wednesday afternoon Rylie is back in dance!

We're so glad her friend Cady is in class with her! She has the same teacher too and is very happy to be back.

This morning Rylie had orientation for her school. She starts next Tuesday for the Fall schedule and today we just met the teachers and the parents had a little info meeting. Rylie has been just a ray of sunshine this morning so we took a photo together. She actually woke up and ran downstairs saying "Mommy, are you ok?! Is Remy ok?!" I said yes and she hugged my belly. Not sure if it was a dream or just concern that I wasnt still in bed when she came down LOL I actually slept well and got up and dressed early.

Our schedule's about to get a lot more crazy but we're excited for the new things starting up!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Favorite Summer Days

I'm gonna miss these simple Summer days with my Rylie!

Mon we went to the library. There wasn't storytime but we had books due back. She did some puzzles and picked out new ones.

Had a quick lunch just us at our favorite place-Chick Fil A! (And NO I wouldnt let her back on the playground there! lol I told her no way I can rescue her again.)

Came home, napped, then had snack while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's her new favorite thing! She just sits mesmerized and so still watching the whole thing! And one day she couldnt reach something on the counter and said "I guess I need a mouse-ka-tool!" lol

Her favorite thing is doing the Hot Dog Dance at the end!

Might not sound like a big day to some, but these are my favorite kind!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

37 Weeks

Gonna do a short & sweet post this time =)
Pregnancy Highlights:
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I checked over a week ago & was 35 lbs up but my Dr said I'm only up 30.
Maternity Clothes: I wear about the same 5 things over & over right now! Not much fits!
Movement: I can tell she's long. Lots of jabs in the ribs, pressure down below, and she goes crazy every morning wanting breakfast! lol
Sleep: Almost nonexistent right now. I have excrutiating back pain at night and 2-3 potty breaks.
What I miss: Just starting to miss not being pregnant-breathing normal, reaching things, having energy, fitting into clothes, not sweating as much, picking up Rylie, sleeping on my stomach, popping my back, having a mojito ;-)
Cravings: Ice water! It's so hot right now! I dont have much room but I still have an appetite. Just varies day to day.
Symptoms: Bad back pain, still bad foot pain, some anxiety over delivery, exhaustion, and pretty emotional lately.
Best Moment this week: Reaching full term and getting a new pack 'n play that I've been dreaming about since I found out I was pregnant! It was last one in store and with coupons, sale, and giftcards we saved $100!

Went to the Dr last Wednesday (huge thanks to Julee for watching Rylie!) and she didnt check me. My next appt is this Thursday so we'll see if there's progress!

Saturday Family Swim

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dipped Strawberry Fun

I forgot to put these in the last post! Tues after nap I promised Rylie we could dip strawberries in white chocolate.

So she took a good nap and woke up excited to make them! I had half a bag of white chocolate chips leftover I wanted to finish off and remembered my friend Tiffany made cute strawberries for 4th of July that I'd been meaning to try.

So we used up our chips and sprinkles we had from birthday parties and made yummy treats! Rylie loved getting to make them herself, but she wasnt into eating them after lol


Friday, August 19, 2011

Lobster Craft, Swimming, Playground

Monday we tried out new fingerpaints and made a cute craft!
Rylie was SO excited! She loved getting to paint!

We made a cute lobster craft I saw on Pinterest awhile back. It had Rylie's name all over it!

Finished product!
This was easier than I thought and no mess so I hope to do more of these soon. I've already found cute Thankgiving and Christmas crafts on Pinterest!

Tuesday we finally tried out another local library storytime! I didnt take photos but it was a very nice library. Storytime didnt seem to keep her as interested as the other one though. But we were glad a few friends joined us and it was something "different."

Wednesday we finally got out to our pool! To say Rylie was excited is an understatement. We've only been maybe 3 times this year and it's been months since our last pool visit! Just been too hot!

We got there early though and luckily had shaded seats and the water was nice and cool.

Perfect morning with friends and swimming!

Today we did another indoor playground visit. Seriously live for these this Summer! I took 1 photo of Rylie and Kate and totally missed Cady. This picture cracks me up because Kate looks twice as tall as Rylie from the way Rylie was sitting.

We've had a lot of fun this week! I feel like my photos get redundant being the same thing lately-library and playground but that's all we've been really getting out to do in this heat!

Next week Rylie starts her new drama class and returns to dance! We're both excited for that!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little Bride

We were watching "Father of the Bride" last week (and I was bawling my eyes out of course) and Rylie wanted to wear a wedding dress.
 So we improvised with stuff around the house and Mommy's wedding veil. I love that at age 3 I started her wedding fund and have these photos to look back on the day she gets married.

She's only this little once and I'm really trying hard to savor every little moment of it! Doesnt make it easier when she's wanting to grow up faster than I'm ready for!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Room for Remy!

FINALLY pictures of Remy's completed nursery!

wall letters I covered with scrapbook paper

Entering her room! I love how it looks!

I really love the matching curtain more than previous green one.

Crib with Remy's lovey I ordered from Etsy. Rylie is going to give it to her when they meet in the hospital.

Dresser/changer. Closet door on left, bathroom entrance on right.

Lights on hutch. The kitty on the top shelf, left is also from Rylie to Remy! We bought it in Maine and it's the same as Rylie's cept a different color and 2 inches bigger (they dont make the small sz anymore)

Picture frames I made. The brooch on the right one was David's Grandmother's. These hang on the left wall when you first enter the room.

Bulletin board I made with leftover fabric from bow holder and Remy's diaper bag (reusing from Rylie). It's already got things for the hospital packed!

Remy is so lucky to have a huge closet! Left and right view. On the left her baby book and monitor are on the window sill. Below them is the sign all the guest at my Houston shower signed. I need to hang it up in there! On the right are 0-3 and 3-6 mos clothes, a few baby toys above, and then our diaper stash at the top! All of Rylie's toys she's outgrown are in the back.

View of the right of the closet-clothes, shoes on shelf, baskets of bows, hats, and socks and my boppy pillow!

And Remy's little sink area in her side of the bathroom she'll share with Rylie. The door in the mirror with the robe goes to the toilet/tub area. We'll probably do Remy's baths on this counter for awhile though since Rylie's been taking showers and I can see Rylie in the tub from standing at this counter. The drawers below the ducky have baby q-tips and some disposable wash cloths ready for the first few weeks!

Can't wait to add our sweet baby to her pretty room!