Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Remy Celebration in Houston

I can't even begin to describe how blessed I am. I have such sweet friends who put together a little lunch celebration Saturday for our family & it was just so sweet!

Me and the hostesses: Julee, Laurie, Tiffany, me, Courtney, Susan, Sharon
This picture makes me so happy. Two are my neighbors but the other girls I met through Kindermusik with our kids 3 years ago. We've all hosted baby showers for one another as we've had 2nd kiddos. I'm probably the last one unless someone has a 3rd! =) I love that we've all stayed friends & been there for each other while our kids have become such sweet friends. Simply blessed!

My mother in law came Saturday with her best friend Janie (both are #1 fans of our blog! hehe) and Rylie was excited to see them both. They were the shower photographers for me & helped with Rylie. I'm so sad I didnt get a photo of my friend Shannon who came as well!

We had a delicious lunch at one of my favorite places-Sharky's nearby & then yummy pink lemonade and strawberry cupcakes one of the ladies made!

I got a lot of sweet things for miss Remy as well. She's one lucky girl!

Rylie was in charge of opening everything. Such a big "big sister" responsibility hehe

This day couldn't have gone any better & I'm kind of sad with this being the last thing we had planned in this pregnancy. Now all we do is wait for Remy!

I can't even tell yall each how thankful I am for making this so special for us! You ladies are truly awesome and I'm so thankful to have you each in my life.