Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Monte Carlo"

I'm sorry I havent been on the blog much. I'm only blogging about this because I have nothing else to put before my 32 week pregnancy post & I wanted something between that & my 31 week post. lol Makes me feel like we've done something this past week, altho we havent done much since getting back from Maine. A few fun days & lunches with friends but I havent taken photos lately.

Anyways, this past Friday morning I took Rylie to see "Monte Carlo," a new Disney movie and her 2nd to see in a theater. She really likes the "real" movies a little more than cartoons & after seeing previews of this she's been requesting "the big girl movie with fireworks." So we had ourselves a girl day Friday!

She was a perfect angel the whole movie! Glued to the screen every second! We shared a kiddie pack with small popcorn, lemonade, and a bag of m&m's. It was such fun!

On our way out of the theater (in a local mall by the food court) the Chick Fil-A cow was out & Rylie said hi to him. He gave her a little CFA cow which she LOVES! These are just my favorite kind of days =)

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Aw so fun! I need to take Savi to another movie. she did so good at her first one.