Saturday, July 9, 2011

Maine-Shaw's, Harbor, Dinner & Fireworks

Monday we chilled at the house & then hit up Shaw's Wharf for late snacks. Scenes from "Message in a Bottle" were actually filmed here!

It was a cute place with good food, pretty views & cutout pictures!

Then we drove down the road & it was still pretty foggy from the morning. We still had pretty views off the side of the road.

We stopped for a minute in this area in New Harbor to get some more pretty rocks. Seriously like ones you'd buy in a store-so smooth & perfect with beautiful coloring. The air smelled so fresh with a hint of salt.

Then we came back to the house & napped for about an hour, then bundled up & headed to a nice dinner in Damariscotta called "The Publick House."

Rylie colored such a beautiful picture while there!

And dinner was on her!

Then we walked down the block & got seats set up for the town firework show. We were early to get good seats & Rylie was just so anxious! She couldn't sit still waiting.

Finally about to begin! Last year she was a little scared of them but this year she wasn't. Just so excited! None of my firework pictures turned out great, but Rylie was so cute saying "that one had purple! It's my favorite! Oh that was just a little one. Here comes a big one!" and singing "Firework! Firework! Firework!"

Great way to celebrate America's birthday!

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