Sunday, July 10, 2011

Maine-Rylie Pictures, Jam, and S'mores!

Tuesday was just a leisure day in Maine! The boys ran errands in the morning so I took some photos of Rylie outside!

The stepping stones Rylie loved hopping on! And there's so many pretty flowers around the house. 

Her favorite purple flowers she watered every morning for Mimi
More swinging fun! She said playing outside was her favorite thing =)
Her & a little "Christmas tree" since she's still been in holiday spirit all year. Then we came in & read her books from the library more. This was actually a pretty hot day for Maine-mid 80's!

And she worked more on her new 135 pc princess puzzle! She also has a new 100 pc USA map puzzle she finished but I forgot to get a picture.
Then we headed into town a little to Simply Delicious Jams! 
It's in this garage & there's 12 flavors of homemade jam-all local grown & made. And you just pick up what you want, leave the money & go. Honor system they call it. I was happy they had samples too. I could've sat there all day eating jam though lol So good!
Then we stopped in Warpole Barn. It's kind of like Pottery Barn meets Crate & Barrel. Very nice things!
In the afternoon David made us some popcorn. He bought this little machine in a local yard sale here for $1.50! He's been wanting one for so long, so it thrilled him. And the popcorn was good too. Cant wait for our next movie night at home!
Rylie got to ride the tractor with Gaga.

That night we made s'mores on the back patio fireplace. Rylie & Craig's first! Rylie became a pro at roasting marshmallows but then oddly didnt want anything to do with eating the s'more. She was kind of freaked out by putting a hot marshmallow on the chocolate & cracker. lol

And after that busy day she crashed hard outside with us!

Only one more post on Maine coming tomorrow!

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The first pic of you guys is cute!