Monday, July 11, 2011

Maine-Last Day & Home

Our last day in Maine (Wednesday) we ate breakfast again by the lighthouse.

Rylie fell out of her chair & was so embarassed she ran out & wouldn't come back in. A waitress gave her this "mermaid" crown to wear & she said "I'm just like Repunzel!" and was happy to go back in.

One more family picture by the lighthouse!

Waving bye to her lighthouse!

Then we went back to the house & packed up the car to head to the airport. Mimi & Gaga stayed another week so they were sad to see us go.

Rylie took her library books back to the library before we left.

She loved doing this & took it very seriously. Then we had to head out.

Hugs for Mimi!

Hugs for Gaga!

The flight home was pretty smooth. We stopped in Cleveland this time instead of Newark.
We got the best souvenir shirts at the Portland, Maine airport!

Family photo taken Saturday. The top says "The way life should be" which is Maine's state motto. We used it a lot the week we were there hehe (and yes, Rylie's sticking her tongue out again lol)
And a few outtakes of Rylie. She's always doing these goofy poses!

We had the BEST time in Maine & will definitely be back! Especially loved the wonderful cool weather up there. Thanks Mimi & Gaga for having us!

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Those shirts are cute! And those pics of Rylie are to funny:)