Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane...to Maine!

Last Thursday morning the 3 of us flew out eeeaaarrrly in the morning from Houston to Maine! We took a vacation visiting David's mom (Mimi) and Gaga at their cottage. I usually blog about trips all in one post but this is a very special vacation we took & I want to document a lot of these memories for us. So I'm going to break it up instead of writing one hour-long post. lol

We had to wake up at 3am Thur to catch our flight! It was only Rylie's 2nd time to fly and first time out of Texas. She's been looking forward to this for a long time! 

Thankfully she slept the whole first flight for 3 hours!
We flew into Newark first-yuck! And got delayed for a few hours. At least we could see the New York skyline! I was kinda excited to see it, but it was still pretty far away. None of us have ever been, but maybe one day!

Rylie was SO good at the Newark airport. Just colored & sang us songs while we waited.

Finally we flew out on a teeny tiny airplane to Portland, Maine. Rylie did great ordering herself apple juice & watching My Little Pony.

Flying into Maine! There's one lighthouse! I think Rylie told everybody on the plane we were "going to Mimi's other house in Maine." =)

Off the plane & already pointed out her lighthouse picture!


We could not believe how cool & nice it was outside the airport in Maine! Definitely a great break from the horrid heat in Houston. We got a rental car & drove an hour to Mimi & Gaga's cottage. We got settled in & just hung out & ordered pizza for dinner. More to come tomorrow!

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EMonaghan said...

sounds like fun so far! Rylie is getting so big!