Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cailan's 2nd Birthday

Friday night David took Rylie to some friends' little girl's birthday party. We havent seen them in awhile & I last-minuted decided to stay home. I was just too tired & wanted to rest in bed! Rylie was excited Daddy took her & had a blast! 

FUNNY STORY-David sent me txts all night about this cute boy Rylie played with the whole time & how sweet he was & they were the same age & his mom said they went to the same school & might be in class this Fall. So David gets home & I said "what's his name?" And he said "Logan." And I said "Nooo! That's Cady's boyfriend!" (Rylie's friend) lol So I told Rylie not to get attached, he's already taken. haha

Birthday girl opening gifts. She's gotten so big since I last saw her!

Rylie had so much fun! She came home & said "I got two cupcakes-one blue & one green!" I asked her if she ate any dinner & she said "Yes. French fries & blueberries....but I didnt eat the blueberries." Ha! Only on a night out with Daddy! lol They had fun tho & I got some much needed rest!

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