Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big Family Dinner at Mimi's

Saturday night we all got together at Rylie's Mimi's house!

I'm not looking cute these days but I wanted a photo of us 2. We dont get them very often anymore lol

David's brother Daniel & his girlfriend Quinn

David's aunt Lana came down from Lubbock & her cousin Kenny joined us too

David's Granny also came down from Lubbock & Kenny's wife Barbara

Daniel being "Madeline" which tickled Rylie lol

We had fun just visiting & ate a very wonderful dinner. Then Rylie showed them her dance recital video (which I still have to upload on here! grrrr)

And for dessert David & I made a very yummy strawberry cake! It's the same one I blogged about last year & this time it came out much better!

Very fun Saturday night with family! Rylie crashed as soon as we got in the car to head home =)

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