Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ahoy Matey! Jaiden & Maggie's Birthday!

Saturday after nap, we headed to Jaiden & Maggie's birthday party!

They had a cute pirate-themed joint party for their 2nd & 4th birthdays.

Awesome pirate ship made out of candy. Laurie & her sister made this themselves!

The party was at a neat wave pool. It was in the evening too so not a bit hot! (And as promised Courtney & Julee, no photos of yall in swimsuits! hehe)

The only photo I got of the birthday kiddos!

Rylie had herself a GREAT time! I've never seen her swim so much. As scared as she's been in the water lately, everybody was so surprised to see her go out on her own & actually swim with her floaty on, not just walk in the shallow end or sit on the side. I wish I'd taken more photos but I was in the pool with her. It was a great time though & so excited to celebrate these sweet kiddos birthdays with them!


~Shelly~ said...

Cute party! I wish we had a pool like that here!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Very cute party! I have to ask...are those kids bro/sis but different ages? Brother looks older. I have a feeling I'm going to have to do this to keep my sanity since my kids bdays are 1 week apart! Did they just combine there party?

Ashlee McCrary said...

Yes they are siblings! Sorry I forgot to mention-Jaiden turned 4 and Maggie turned 2! Their mom said their parties will always be combined since they're 3 wks apart. They did a Mickey/Minnie party last yr. Definitely makes doing big events like this worth it when it's for 2 kids lol