Sunday, July 24, 2011

33 Weeks

I have to confess, this photo is from Sunday. I forgot to take a belly picture Saturday! So close enough. Baby weighs a little over 4 lbs and is about 17 inches long.

33 weeks with Rylie & now with Remy! I thought I looked huge now til I saw these pictures beside each other lol I was 20 lbs heavier at this point with Rylie. I still havent weighed myself since last time.
I completely forgot to post these photos before! These are maternity portraits we did with 1st pregnancy. I was about 31 weeks along. They were in another folder so I missed them!

We did this photo with this pregnancy too!
Click here to see comparison with this pregnancy 31 week picture.
Since last week I've been extremely tired! Way more than in the beginning. I've been napping a LOT this week and still sleeping plenty at night.

This fibroid is still killing me & I keep bumping my belly into everything which hurts like no other. I'm also extremely clumsy. Everything I touch either gets knocked over or falls to the floor...where I cant pick it up.

I've had quite a bit braxton hicks which I hardly ever had with Rylie and I feel lots of "pressure" already. I feel like I'm at the end, and yet still so far to go!
My appetite has decreased. I just don't think there's anymore room! Remy is all over the place. 
And if I hear one more time from a stranger about how "I look like I'm about to pop" and then see their shocked expressions when I tell them I still have 7 weeks, I'm gonna scream! lol Seriously! Do I really look that huge?! I will say...I've had the "waddle" down for weeks now. lol
I've kinda hit a slump this weekend. Not really felt like going out much. None of my clothes fit. It's weird-size med is too small & size large is too big =/ My belly is just so low it's hard for bottoms to fit. And my shirts are starting to rise up in the front. I'm left with dresses & look like a whale in them! No joke. Plus I'm just so tired & it's so...darn...HOT!
I've also been extremely emotional this week. I've cried a lot over everything-things that aren't even worth it. And I've been second-thinking everything-did we pick the right name? Is the nursery all right? Will Rylie really be ok after Remy's born? Did I do this pregnancy right? Could I have done better not to gain as much weight? Etc.....I think it's just that I'm sad in a way this pregnancy's almost over.

Ok...I think I'm done now hehe


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Aw I know it can be hard. You are doing great and looking awesome! Almost there!!!

Rosie said...

Aww Ashlee! Hang in there sweetie! You're so close. This is the hard part, from what I experienced. Just remember how fast it will fly by. And I agree, you are quite a bit smaller at this point than you were with Rylie! Still adorable even though you don't feel that way!