Tuesday, July 26, 2011

33 Weeks Part II

Thank you ladies for the sweet comments on my previous post. I didnt mean to sound so whiney & complaining. I know pregnancy is a blessing & I'm still enjoying this one really. I just didnt expect with this one to be anemic & extra tired or have a fibroid or be in a heat wave! lol
So I had my checkup yesterday morning with my OB/Gyn. They did an ultrasound to check Remy's measurements. She's measuring 34-35 wks while we were just starting 33 wks. But the Dr didnt say anything about moving my due date up. I'm surprised because I have friends who see this same Dr & always get their due date moved up by like 2 days?? So I'm not sure what makes her decide to do that when she does.
Remy's also breech. Apparently this is normal and she can still turn. I just knew she had to be from this past week of feeling hard jabs on my cervix & thought it had to be feet! But this explains why I've been extra uncomfortable for the past few weeks & more out of breath. She was in head-down position when we did the 4D. So hopefully she'll flip on her own soon! She was also blinking her eyes which was kinda creepy to see! lol
We found out she weighs 5 lbs right now! That astonishes me! If you look at preemie baby clothes, they only fit up to 5 lbs, so Remy's already too big for them. It's just weird looking at those clothes & thinking she's already that big inside me.
We also talked to our Dr about our concerns with delivery after how Rylie's went & how big she was. The Dr said we can induce at 39 wks if we choose, so we've got less than 5 1/2 wks maximum until we meet our new princess!

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Courtney said...

Just don't get your heart set on a date because, as I know well, that induction date doesn't always happen when you think it will. Not too much longer!