Tuesday, July 19, 2011

32 Weeks

Oh my...where do I begin? Last week I remained up 30 lbs and have decided to not weigh anymore until delivery. I'll let my Dr worry about my weight. I just want to eat what I want these last few weeks & worry about dieting after Remy arrives. Right now she's about 3.75 lbs & 16.7 inches long.

My friend Susan let me borrow her belly band belt which has helped a lot with back pain! I tried one on at Motherhood & it worked great, but I'm glad to save that $30 since I'll only need this 7 more weeks max.

I always said I'll never be one of those women who complains at the end about "how done" they are or "dont want to be pregnant anymore," etc. (Even though I was totally one of those with my 1st pregnancy!) But I'm just very uncomfortable & in a lot of pain lately. This fibroid's about to do me in, lemme tell ya. I have my next Dr appt this Monday morning & she's going to do an ultrasound to check the baby's measurements. I didnt know this isnt typical, so I'm thinking I'm measuring big to her (remember Rylie was 8.5 at one week early) so you see where my fear of this one being 10 lbs comes from! lol I'm anxious to see what we find out Monday.

On another note, Rylie's been regressing lately. I think it's all the Remy talk. She's been doing baby talk, sucking her thumb constantly (she used to only do at night) and wanting her lovey with her all the time (she only gets it at bedtime).

The nursery's about done but I havent taken any photos yet! So I hope to get them up on the next post or later this week. I had a great celebration with friends on Saturday as well & that post will be up tomorrow!

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Savi did that to just a couple weeks ago. wanting a paci again and just being super clingy. slowly she is coming out of it. Just a phase I suppose.