Friday, July 29, 2011

Christmas in July

Monday night after Rylie's bath David decided to dress Rylie up in a Christmas outfit! (all leftover from last year that still fit) I think it's cute he likes to dress her up sometimes in his own creations & Rylie loves it. So he took a few photos of her posing for Christmas in July!

First off-she ran and did a pose she's seen Mommy doing the past 4 months or so! My little me. (Oh and she also said she wanted a sticker on her belly like me. She kills me sometimes.)

Then she got all cute!

Simple pose to show off her outfit

I dont know why but she looks so tall & grown up in this photo. I'm really excited about taking her back to school clothes shopping this year. She's very into picking out her own things lately. I know this is only the beginning!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big Family Dinner at Mimi's

Saturday night we all got together at Rylie's Mimi's house!

I'm not looking cute these days but I wanted a photo of us 2. We dont get them very often anymore lol

David's brother Daniel & his girlfriend Quinn

David's aunt Lana came down from Lubbock & her cousin Kenny joined us too

David's Granny also came down from Lubbock & Kenny's wife Barbara

Daniel being "Madeline" which tickled Rylie lol

We had fun just visiting & ate a very wonderful dinner. Then Rylie showed them her dance recital video (which I still have to upload on here! grrrr)

And for dessert David & I made a very yummy strawberry cake! It's the same one I blogged about last year & this time it came out much better!

Very fun Saturday night with family! Rylie crashed as soon as we got in the car to head home =)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

33 Weeks Part II

Thank you ladies for the sweet comments on my previous post. I didnt mean to sound so whiney & complaining. I know pregnancy is a blessing & I'm still enjoying this one really. I just didnt expect with this one to be anemic & extra tired or have a fibroid or be in a heat wave! lol
So I had my checkup yesterday morning with my OB/Gyn. They did an ultrasound to check Remy's measurements. She's measuring 34-35 wks while we were just starting 33 wks. But the Dr didnt say anything about moving my due date up. I'm surprised because I have friends who see this same Dr & always get their due date moved up by like 2 days?? So I'm not sure what makes her decide to do that when she does.
Remy's also breech. Apparently this is normal and she can still turn. I just knew she had to be from this past week of feeling hard jabs on my cervix & thought it had to be feet! But this explains why I've been extra uncomfortable for the past few weeks & more out of breath. She was in head-down position when we did the 4D. So hopefully she'll flip on her own soon! She was also blinking her eyes which was kinda creepy to see! lol
We found out she weighs 5 lbs right now! That astonishes me! If you look at preemie baby clothes, they only fit up to 5 lbs, so Remy's already too big for them. It's just weird looking at those clothes & thinking she's already that big inside me.
We also talked to our Dr about our concerns with delivery after how Rylie's went & how big she was. The Dr said we can induce at 39 wks if we choose, so we've got less than 5 1/2 wks maximum until we meet our new princess!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

33 Weeks

I have to confess, this photo is from Sunday. I forgot to take a belly picture Saturday! So close enough. Baby weighs a little over 4 lbs and is about 17 inches long.

33 weeks with Rylie & now with Remy! I thought I looked huge now til I saw these pictures beside each other lol I was 20 lbs heavier at this point with Rylie. I still havent weighed myself since last time.
I completely forgot to post these photos before! These are maternity portraits we did with 1st pregnancy. I was about 31 weeks along. They were in another folder so I missed them!

We did this photo with this pregnancy too!
Click here to see comparison with this pregnancy 31 week picture.
Since last week I've been extremely tired! Way more than in the beginning. I've been napping a LOT this week and still sleeping plenty at night.

This fibroid is still killing me & I keep bumping my belly into everything which hurts like no other. I'm also extremely clumsy. Everything I touch either gets knocked over or falls to the floor...where I cant pick it up.

I've had quite a bit braxton hicks which I hardly ever had with Rylie and I feel lots of "pressure" already. I feel like I'm at the end, and yet still so far to go!
My appetite has decreased. I just don't think there's anymore room! Remy is all over the place. 
And if I hear one more time from a stranger about how "I look like I'm about to pop" and then see their shocked expressions when I tell them I still have 7 weeks, I'm gonna scream! lol Seriously! Do I really look that huge?! I will say...I've had the "waddle" down for weeks now. lol
I've kinda hit a slump this weekend. Not really felt like going out much. None of my clothes fit. It's weird-size med is too small & size large is too big =/ My belly is just so low it's hard for bottoms to fit. And my shirts are starting to rise up in the front. I'm left with dresses & look like a whale in them! No joke. Plus I'm just so tired & it's so...darn...HOT!
I've also been extremely emotional this week. I've cried a lot over everything-things that aren't even worth it. And I've been second-thinking everything-did we pick the right name? Is the nursery all right? Will Rylie really be ok after Remy's born? Did I do this pregnancy right? Could I have done better not to gain as much weight? Etc.....I think it's just that I'm sad in a way this pregnancy's almost over.

Ok...I think I'm done now hehe

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cailan's 2nd Birthday

Friday night David took Rylie to some friends' little girl's birthday party. We havent seen them in awhile & I last-minuted decided to stay home. I was just too tired & wanted to rest in bed! Rylie was excited Daddy took her & had a blast! 

FUNNY STORY-David sent me txts all night about this cute boy Rylie played with the whole time & how sweet he was & they were the same age & his mom said they went to the same school & might be in class this Fall. So David gets home & I said "what's his name?" And he said "Logan." And I said "Nooo! That's Cady's boyfriend!" (Rylie's friend) lol So I told Rylie not to get attached, he's already taken. haha

Birthday girl opening gifts. She's gotten so big since I last saw her!

Rylie had so much fun! She came home & said "I got two cupcakes-one blue & one green!" I asked her if she ate any dinner & she said "Yes. French fries & blueberries....but I didnt eat the blueberries." Ha! Only on a night out with Daddy! lol They had fun tho & I got some much needed rest!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Bubbles Mania!

So...David got a lil carried away with the bubbles in Rylie's bath Tuesday night!

She LOVED it though! We dont do bubble baths very often & she rarely gets to bathe in our big tub, but she had a blast Tuesday! We even turned the jets on for her & she had herself a ball!

Kicking her feet up! Ahh what a life being 3!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ahoy Matey! Jaiden & Maggie's Birthday!

Saturday after nap, we headed to Jaiden & Maggie's birthday party!

They had a cute pirate-themed joint party for their 2nd & 4th birthdays.

Awesome pirate ship made out of candy. Laurie & her sister made this themselves!

The party was at a neat wave pool. It was in the evening too so not a bit hot! (And as promised Courtney & Julee, no photos of yall in swimsuits! hehe)

The only photo I got of the birthday kiddos!

Rylie had herself a GREAT time! I've never seen her swim so much. As scared as she's been in the water lately, everybody was so surprised to see her go out on her own & actually swim with her floaty on, not just walk in the shallow end or sit on the side. I wish I'd taken more photos but I was in the pool with her. It was a great time though & so excited to celebrate these sweet kiddos birthdays with them!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Remy Celebration in Houston

I can't even begin to describe how blessed I am. I have such sweet friends who put together a little lunch celebration Saturday for our family & it was just so sweet!

Me and the hostesses: Julee, Laurie, Tiffany, me, Courtney, Susan, Sharon
This picture makes me so happy. Two are my neighbors but the other girls I met through Kindermusik with our kids 3 years ago. We've all hosted baby showers for one another as we've had 2nd kiddos. I'm probably the last one unless someone has a 3rd! =) I love that we've all stayed friends & been there for each other while our kids have become such sweet friends. Simply blessed!

My mother in law came Saturday with her best friend Janie (both are #1 fans of our blog! hehe) and Rylie was excited to see them both. They were the shower photographers for me & helped with Rylie. I'm so sad I didnt get a photo of my friend Shannon who came as well!

We had a delicious lunch at one of my favorite places-Sharky's nearby & then yummy pink lemonade and strawberry cupcakes one of the ladies made!

I got a lot of sweet things for miss Remy as well. She's one lucky girl!

Rylie was in charge of opening everything. Such a big "big sister" responsibility hehe

This day couldn't have gone any better & I'm kind of sad with this being the last thing we had planned in this pregnancy. Now all we do is wait for Remy!

I can't even tell yall each how thankful I am for making this so special for us! You ladies are truly awesome and I'm so thankful to have you each in my life.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

32 Weeks

Oh my...where do I begin? Last week I remained up 30 lbs and have decided to not weigh anymore until delivery. I'll let my Dr worry about my weight. I just want to eat what I want these last few weeks & worry about dieting after Remy arrives. Right now she's about 3.75 lbs & 16.7 inches long.

My friend Susan let me borrow her belly band belt which has helped a lot with back pain! I tried one on at Motherhood & it worked great, but I'm glad to save that $30 since I'll only need this 7 more weeks max.

I always said I'll never be one of those women who complains at the end about "how done" they are or "dont want to be pregnant anymore," etc. (Even though I was totally one of those with my 1st pregnancy!) But I'm just very uncomfortable & in a lot of pain lately. This fibroid's about to do me in, lemme tell ya. I have my next Dr appt this Monday morning & she's going to do an ultrasound to check the baby's measurements. I didnt know this isnt typical, so I'm thinking I'm measuring big to her (remember Rylie was 8.5 at one week early) so you see where my fear of this one being 10 lbs comes from! lol I'm anxious to see what we find out Monday.

On another note, Rylie's been regressing lately. I think it's all the Remy talk. She's been doing baby talk, sucking her thumb constantly (she used to only do at night) and wanting her lovey with her all the time (she only gets it at bedtime).

The nursery's about done but I havent taken any photos yet! So I hope to get them up on the next post or later this week. I had a great celebration with friends on Saturday as well & that post will be up tomorrow!

"Monte Carlo"

I'm sorry I havent been on the blog much. I'm only blogging about this because I have nothing else to put before my 32 week pregnancy post & I wanted something between that & my 31 week post. lol Makes me feel like we've done something this past week, altho we havent done much since getting back from Maine. A few fun days & lunches with friends but I havent taken photos lately.

Anyways, this past Friday morning I took Rylie to see "Monte Carlo," a new Disney movie and her 2nd to see in a theater. She really likes the "real" movies a little more than cartoons & after seeing previews of this she's been requesting "the big girl movie with fireworks." So we had ourselves a girl day Friday!

She was a perfect angel the whole movie! Glued to the screen every second! We shared a kiddie pack with small popcorn, lemonade, and a bag of m&m's. It was such fun!

On our way out of the theater (in a local mall by the food court) the Chick Fil-A cow was out & Rylie said hi to him. He gave her a little CFA cow which she LOVES! These are just my favorite kind of days =)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

31 Weeks

**Updated comparison picture below!

Wow-less than 9 weeks now! Yay for single digits!
WELL, I finally weighed myself after vacation. I'm now up 29 lbs. That means I've gained 7 in the last 2 1/2 weeks. I talked to my doctor about it & she said I'm still doing good & in the healthy zone so she's not worried. I'm just over what my goal was but I'm trying not to worry too much about it. I love food! hehe

My little photo partner! 
31 weeks with Remy & 31 weeks with Rylie (at 20 lbs heavier)!

I've had some pain around my belly button the past week or so & thought it was stretching out. But it got so painful I wanted to cry. So the Dr looked at me & discovered I have a fibroid on my uterus that has grown with my growing uterus & is pushing against my stomach wall causing the pain. So what to do about this? Nothing. Sadly, nothing can be done until Remy's born. I get to just live with this pain for the next 2 months. It really hurts bad & especially with it being right there on the front of my belly, I occassionally bump it & then I want to cry. It's like stubbing-your-toe-really-hard kinda pain. I also have really bad back pain lately. I've got a big 'ol belly out front that feels like it's just stretched out so far. I dont remember having back pain this early with Rylie. I'm sure Remy will be 10 lbs. Ha!
 I'm seriously thinking one of these belly support bands are my only hope for the back pain, so I might try one out. Any experience with these??

 I got a pedicure finally Saturday afternoon because I cant reach my toenails to do them myself anymore hehe! It was so relaxing!

Other than that, we've worked more on Remy's room & I should have photos this weekend. This Saturday I get to celebrate with a little shower in Houston with friends that I'm so excited about! I havent seen lots of them in so long so it'll be fun to catch up!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Maine-Last Day & Home

Our last day in Maine (Wednesday) we ate breakfast again by the lighthouse.

Rylie fell out of her chair & was so embarassed she ran out & wouldn't come back in. A waitress gave her this "mermaid" crown to wear & she said "I'm just like Repunzel!" and was happy to go back in.

One more family picture by the lighthouse!

Waving bye to her lighthouse!

Then we went back to the house & packed up the car to head to the airport. Mimi & Gaga stayed another week so they were sad to see us go.

Rylie took her library books back to the library before we left.

She loved doing this & took it very seriously. Then we had to head out.

Hugs for Mimi!

Hugs for Gaga!

The flight home was pretty smooth. We stopped in Cleveland this time instead of Newark.
We got the best souvenir shirts at the Portland, Maine airport!

Family photo taken Saturday. The top says "The way life should be" which is Maine's state motto. We used it a lot the week we were there hehe (and yes, Rylie's sticking her tongue out again lol)
And a few outtakes of Rylie. She's always doing these goofy poses!

We had the BEST time in Maine & will definitely be back! Especially loved the wonderful cool weather up there. Thanks Mimi & Gaga for having us!