Monday, June 27, 2011

Mimi's Birthday

It was Rylie's Mimi's birthday this weekend! She's usually out of town every year for it but this year we got to celebrate with her!

Rylie made Mimi a special birthday card

I only helped a little. She was so excited to do this herself & went a little crazy with the glue lol

Writing Mimi a message-really she just wrote all of our names (even Remy's) =)

Then Rylie & I made Mimi a yummy cake! I've rarely let Rylie help me in the kitchen so she was thrilled to do this! And I picked an easy recipe. She first helped by carrying all the ingredients I gave her to the counter.

Then she got to smash the bananas! Her most important job!

Then she helped me pour other ingredients in & even learned to crack an egg! Dont worry, we were careful & no shell got in!

Then she kept an eye on the cakes while I cleaned the kitchen.

Ta-da! Finished card & cake! It's a decadent banana cake with cream cheese frosting & we added walnuts all over the top. It was DEEEEEEE-LICIOUS!!

Mimi also got a new lighthouse for her back patio! Rylie was really excited to give it to her & kinda announced when they arrived she got her a new lighthouse lol We're working on the definition of "surprise" with her! hehe

Hope you had a great birthday weekend, Mimi! Rylie & us were excited to celebrate with you!


Paige said...

How sweet!! Hope she had the most wonderful birthday!

The Pifer's said...

That cake looks soooooo yummy----send me the recipe if you don't mind; I would love to try it!