Friday, June 3, 2011

First Dip in the Pool

I've not been motivated to take Rylie swimming lately. It's been so hot & it's so much work getting us ready to go & then cleaning us up after. But Wednesday afternoon I really needed to cool off! We'd already had a busy morning at a McDonald's lunch with friends where it was packed with kids getting out for Summer break, so I was worried the pool would be too but luckily it was empty!

Our friends Laurie, Jaiden, and Maggie were there!

Rylie actually wanted to wear her mermaid floaty-which she wasnt too keen on wearing last year.

And this may seem like nothing, but Rylie floating on her back is HUGE progress. She's still scared of the water & I had to hold her going in the deep end (even with floaty on). She just clung to me for dear life, but finally she started floating on her back on her own! Progress!

And this picture's just funny! She kept jumping in the water & landing on her belly & saying "I'm swimming like Ariel!"

It sure felt great to cool off this week but I forgot how exhausting it is. Since Rylie's not up for swim lessons this Summer I'm hoping to just work with her a little on our own & maybe she'll be up for it next year. Hopefully it'll be a good swim season this Summer.

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Savi is showing signs of being scared of the pool this year. We have only been once though so we will see:)