Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Day of Summer School/Camp

Yesterday Rylie started a short Summer school/camp at her new school! She only goes this Tues, next Tues, the last 3 Tuesdays in July and 1st Tues in Aug. It's just to get her used to it before she starts this Fall.

Look back at her first days of school in Oct 09 & 10.

She's been excited about her new school & I've been uber excited about packing her a lunch for the first time! So I thought she could use a new lunchbox that was bigger to hold everything. Of course it's purple-her favorite color.

Her friend Cady is in her class & when we walked in, she ran up & said "Rylie!" and gave Rylie a big hug. I think that really made Rylie feel more comfortable. That was so sweet of Cady.

Rylie get out at 230 (2 hours later than her previous school. yes!) and I tried out the car line for the first time. At first I was against it, but then I realized how convenient it'll be this Fall with a newborn in the backseat to just drive up & Rylie hop in & we go. So we wanted to get used to it now & we both loved it! Rylie was so cute waiting for me & said "That's my mommy!" when I pulled up.

She had a great first day & sang songs the whole drive home & then took a good nap for me. I think we're really gonna like it here =)


EMonaghan said...

What school is she at now?

Rosie said...

That's great news how well she's taking it. Much better in the separation anxiety department huh?

Ashlee McCrary said...

It's a school "learning center" run by a local church in town. They have MDO and full-time school & after school care for older kids too. Came very recommended!

Yes, she's doing much better in separation anxiety! Still sometimes she wants nothing to do with Daddy-only wants Mommy, but she's doing better about going places & not clinging to me all the time =)