Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bow Holder & Bible Study

While Rylie was in school Tuesday I was able to run a TON of errands & have lunch with friends. I forgot how easier it is without a 3 year old, but I sure did miss her still =) I got a bunch of supplies at Hobby Lobby for some projects I want to finish soon.

This was the first one I did yesterday-a bow holder for Remy's room! I'm so excited it's done & love how it looks in her room. The flower on top is actually a hair clip flower she can wear. I just clipped it up there since it matched. When Rylie saw this she asked if it was hers & I said it's Remy's because she already has a lot of bow holders. Rylie said "But I dont have one like this." lol So I might be making another soon!

Today I started a new bible study, my first one. It's a Beth Moore study called "Wising Up: The book of Proverbs." I'd heard great things about her studies so I thought it'd be fun to do this Summer & 2 of my friends signed up as well! I didnt know what to expect since I'd never done one of these before & I'm not sure it was a great start this morning. Beth Moore's great & all. It was just more the leader of this study. We'll see how it goes this next month tho.

Rylie & Carter had fun playing while the Mommies did the study!

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