Saturday, June 25, 2011

29 Weeks

This has been a big week in our pregnancy! 
Monday I found out I failed the 1 hr glucose & I'm anemic. Tuesday I felt crummy all day with tummy issues. Wednesday I took the 3 hr glucose which was not fun by any means! I seriously almost passed out after 2 hours and almost hurled. Thankfully I made it through that! Thursday we got our maternity pictures CD in! Friday I got the call I passed the 3 hr glucose (woohoo!), got the hutch in for Remy's dresser & had a 4D ultrasound to see miss Remy! Saturday, today, we hit 29 weeks and tomorrow we're going to Waco to visit family/friends & celebrate baby!

Belly picture Saturday morning! I think I'm 22 lbs up now? This hasnt been a good week to weigh due to fasting for the glucose & new prescriptions messing with me. Not trying to make excuses, I swear!
29 weeks with Rylie-I think I look bigger in the current pic? lol But I'm over 20 lbs lighter now!

I've honestly not had time to look at our maternity pictures since we got the disc. I only looked at the online album to order a print, but I'll upload the best ones later this week. The 4D went ok. Remy was up close to the placenta and had her hand over her face. I'd just eaten a big lunch an hour earlier so she was pretty sleepy & kept yawning. We got some glimpses of her & think she looks like Rylie. They're letting me go back Monday afternoon for another try so I'll upload all the pictures from that after we see how Monday goes! Looking forward to taking another belly picture in a special place next Saturday!


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I think you look lighter in the current picture. Either way you look great!

grandma said...

you are all baby with Remy. You look Great.