Sunday, June 12, 2011

27 Weeks

Belly pic from Saturday!

Well, I've hit 20 lbs up =( I keep telling myself it's ok & I'm much smaller this time than last & I still lost all the weight last time so I can do it again. I'm trying not to stress over it. It's also probably water weight too since I've been swelling lately in this heat. I just want to eat what I want lately! lol
Baby weighs almost 2 lbs (same as head of cauliflower) and is 14 1/2 inches long. 
This is my last week in my 2nd trimester! I dont have a photo to compare again this week. For some reason I didnt take photos week 26 or 27 with Rylie.

This week has been a little rough. I feel like I'm in pain all the time. It's either my chest, or Remy kicking so hard I jump from pain, or my legs sore all day from cramps I get at night, and my lower back has started with shooting pains. I couldnt even stand up straight the other night after dinner because my back hurt so bad. It makes me sad because I've loved being pregnant so far but lately I've just been so uncomfortable being in pain. Going to the pool Saturday helped with my back! And it's harder now picking things up, I'm out of breath very easily, and still pretty clumsy. I also bump into things with my belly often. lol Gettin to the "fun" part! =)

And can I just add how obsessed I've become lately with flavored tea?! Wendy's has a new Wild Berry Tea that is soooo good! It's going to get me through this Summer, I just know it!
I have the glucose test Tuesday. Hopefully I pass! And next Saturday I'll take my belly photo in a special place that I'm really excited about ;-)

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Rosie said...

Oh man, this post brought back memories of how much pregnancy didn't agree with me! I hope this stage doesn't last long for you!