Sunday, June 5, 2011

26 Weeks

Saturday we hit 26 weeks & it was a great day!

Here's my belly shot this week! We took maternity portraits Saturday morning & they went great! I've already seen the sneak previews & am so excited with how they turned out! Here's another great one with Rylie.....

She was such a great model! I cant wait to get the disk in & post the rest for yall!

Anyways, I'm up 17-18 lbs (yikes). Baby is about 1 2/3 lbs, 14 inches long, the length of an English cucumber. I've been kinda cranky because I've been very clumsy. It's frustrating. Apparently it's from being off-balance due to the belly & other reasons. had a whole article on it. I've also had trouble falling back asleep after going potty in the middle of the night. Sometimes it takes over an hour, so I'm extra tired. I also dont know when Remy sleeps because I feel her move all the time. Sometimes it hurts because she kicks so hard. Crazy girl.

Anyways, I've got nursery photos!!! It's almost complete!

Now remember what it looked like as Rylie's playroom....
(a very old photo. I'm very sad I didnt take a recent photo before we emptied it)

And Remy's room........

David painted it beige & I love how it turned out! That nightstand & lamp is from the guest room but I'm looking for new ones to keep in here permanently. We still need to add a shade to the top of the window too & an accent rug.

Random pillow find at Home Goods that matches perfectly! (It'll later go on the rocking chair when we move it in after she's sleeping through the night in her room)

Rylie and the "Me & My Big Sister" frame we got this weekend at Burlington's.

Dresser-we're still waiting on the hutch to arrive. Rylie got Remy that "Very Hungry Caterpillar" book sitting on the dresser so she has her own copy. My neighbor let me borrow her carseat/stroller frame so we can reuse Rylie's infant carseat afterall.

So still a few little touches to add and it'll be complete but we're excited with how it's coming along!

And a just for fun photo! Rylie's first time in her carseat & then a few weeks ago!


Rosie said...

You look so cute and pregnant! You are definitely all baby girl! I am loving her room. But you need to leave some stuff for people to get you for your baby shower! And that last picture is too funny! lol.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I love the pictures!!!! Very pretty nursery:)