Thursday, June 30, 2011

4D Ultrasounds

Last Friday we did a 4D ultrasound to see Remy! We did this with Rylie so we figured we'd go ahead this time too & have the same photos for each girl.
Remy was a stinker Friday though & kept her hand over her face lol

She finally brought it down for a second, but was right up against the placenta (fuzzy stuff on the left) so they told us we could come back & try again.
So Monday was try #2 and we got great shots of her!

Pretty girl

Sticking her tongue out!

Smiling at us!

Beautiful face!

More tongue! Remember Rylie's last photo in the previous post with her tongue out? I think these 2 will be very similar in many ways ;-) hehe!

She really looks like Rylie in this photo

And I think her feet look just like Rylie's too! Rylie even said so when she saw the feet "they look just like mine!" lol

Even more excited now to meet this sweet girl!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Celebrating Remy

Sunday we spent the day in Waco visiting friends & family to celebrate Remy's soon arrival!

My mom & sister put everything together & it was so sweet!

A lot of family couldn't make it but I was so happy to see several friends again!
Shelly & her girl Kinley, Rylie & I, Jessika and daughter Skye

And Shelly's gonna have a baby too! Hehe Pregnant together again-just for a few months tho this time! Our girls-born 3 days apart. I cant believe how much they've grown! 

My friend Meredith from high school. I love that I have photos of us at Senior Prom, our college graduation, my wedding, and both my baby showers. Hopefully we never lose touch!

And do you know who these 2 beauties are?! Rosie & Tiffany! I've only been talking to them on blogs/Facebook for years & we finally met in person! See? The blog world can be an amazing place that can bring amazing people into your life =)

My mom's friend Mary stopped by too & I was so happy to see her. She's like my other Grandmother. She gave me my first job at 15 working in the children's nursery at the church, where I stayed for many years. She's done a lot for us. I hadnt seen her since my wedding so I was glad she made it!

After the little shower we went to dinner with my mom, sister, & Isaac. Rylie was such a stinker at the shower & was super tired by dinner! She was just so excited about seeing everyone, her friends, cousin. Thankfully she slept the whole drive home.

I'm so thankful for everyone who came to celebrate our 2nd daughter! It was so great seeing all of you & I cant wait for you all to meet Remy!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mimi's Birthday

It was Rylie's Mimi's birthday this weekend! She's usually out of town every year for it but this year we got to celebrate with her!

Rylie made Mimi a special birthday card

I only helped a little. She was so excited to do this herself & went a little crazy with the glue lol

Writing Mimi a message-really she just wrote all of our names (even Remy's) =)

Then Rylie & I made Mimi a yummy cake! I've rarely let Rylie help me in the kitchen so she was thrilled to do this! And I picked an easy recipe. She first helped by carrying all the ingredients I gave her to the counter.

Then she got to smash the bananas! Her most important job!

Then she helped me pour other ingredients in & even learned to crack an egg! Dont worry, we were careful & no shell got in!

Then she kept an eye on the cakes while I cleaned the kitchen.

Ta-da! Finished card & cake! It's a decadent banana cake with cream cheese frosting & we added walnuts all over the top. It was DEEEEEEE-LICIOUS!!

Mimi also got a new lighthouse for her back patio! Rylie was really excited to give it to her & kinda announced when they arrived she got her a new lighthouse lol We're working on the definition of "surprise" with her! hehe

Hope you had a great birthday weekend, Mimi! Rylie & us were excited to celebrate with you!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

29 Weeks

This has been a big week in our pregnancy! 
Monday I found out I failed the 1 hr glucose & I'm anemic. Tuesday I felt crummy all day with tummy issues. Wednesday I took the 3 hr glucose which was not fun by any means! I seriously almost passed out after 2 hours and almost hurled. Thankfully I made it through that! Thursday we got our maternity pictures CD in! Friday I got the call I passed the 3 hr glucose (woohoo!), got the hutch in for Remy's dresser & had a 4D ultrasound to see miss Remy! Saturday, today, we hit 29 weeks and tomorrow we're going to Waco to visit family/friends & celebrate baby!

Belly picture Saturday morning! I think I'm 22 lbs up now? This hasnt been a good week to weigh due to fasting for the glucose & new prescriptions messing with me. Not trying to make excuses, I swear!
29 weeks with Rylie-I think I look bigger in the current pic? lol But I'm over 20 lbs lighter now!

I've honestly not had time to look at our maternity pictures since we got the disc. I only looked at the online album to order a print, but I'll upload the best ones later this week. The 4D went ok. Remy was up close to the placenta and had her hand over her face. I'd just eaten a big lunch an hour earlier so she was pretty sleepy & kept yawning. We got some glimpses of her & think she looks like Rylie. They're letting me go back Monday afternoon for another try so I'll upload all the pictures from that after we see how Monday goes! Looking forward to taking another belly picture in a special place next Saturday!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Like Daddy, Like Daughter

Rylie was super excited to see her Daddy come home Sunday night!

We were a little bummed to not have a special Fathers Day celebration all day with Rylie.

But we'll get to do something fun this week I think.

No question about it-she's Daddy's little girl! And she completely has his heart!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

28 Weeks

I'm in my 3rd trimester!

Belly photo from the hotel Saturday! I honestly dont know how much weight I'm up. Last week I remained up 20 lbs, but kept dipping down 3 lbs. It's hard to tell right now with swelling & retaining water. I havent weighed myself in a week so I'll have an update this Saturday. Baby is about 2 1/4 lbs (same as Chinese cabbage) and around 14 inches long.

Monthly belly shots so far! I've definitely popped out most this month! These sticker pics will now be every 2 weeks, just like my Dr appointments.

28 weeks with Rylie

I had a checkup Monday morning & got the glucose results. I failed. I have to do the 3 hour test this week sometime. Not fun. I really hope I pass. It's funny how I ate horribly 1st pregnancy & gained so much & passed the glucose with flying colors. You'd think this time with eating better, going organic, and gaining less I'd be fine. lol I also found out Monday that I'm anemic. Which probably explains how tired & sluggish & dizzy I've been lately. I just thought I was overdoing it, which also probably contributed. So I've been put on an iron prescription.

Aside from that, my current symptoms-I cant turn my body to pop my back anymore. Makes for back pain. It's getting harder to get comfortable in bed but I still sleep good. I've been having some pains here & there. Most likely braxton hicks starting. Swelling has definitely increased. Remy kicks around a lot. It's getting harder to pick up/carry Rylie. 

Looking forward to a little baby celebration with family & friends in Waco this weekend!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello, Orlando!

David and I had an amazing weekend in Orlando, Florida & just got back late last night! David had a work conference there last week so I flew out Friday to join him & his work scheduled him to come home Sunday with me. So this was a very affordable opportunity we couldn't pass down! Especially since we havent taken a vacation in over 2 years & probably wont get another chance for quite awhile. So here's one long post of our entire weekend!

I flew out 6am Friday leaving Rylie with Mimi for the weekend. She was also excited for her own fun weekend! David met me at the Orlando airport & by the time we got a rental & my bags, it was lunchtime! We ate at Bahama Breeze, a place we loved there 2 years ago!

Then we headed to our hotel! The view from our window! We stayed at a new Hilton closer into Orlando. We loved our hotel last time but it was 30 min out of town & we wanted to gain more Hilton Honor points! (This hotel is so similar to our previous one though & found out it's owned by the same person!)

First thing first-a dip in the pool! We were only out for 40 min when a huge storm blew through & we had to hurry inside.

Luckily it didnt last long so we kept our dinner plans! Dressed up & went to....Red Lobster! Haha! We just wanted to go somewhere we were comfortable!

Saturday morning we had breakfast in our hotel restaurant (which was kind of dramatic & I ended up crying....over waffles. Welcome to the 3rd trimester! lol) Then we headed out to Downtown Disney! This was the one thing we didnt do 2 years ago that I wanted. Oh this World of Disney store was amazing! I didnt want to leave!

And we had lunch at Planet Hollywood! Seriously yummiest salad ever & such a cool atmosphere!

Then we had dessert at Ghirardelli! Heaven!

That night we got back to the hotel & another storm was rolling in. View from our window with lightning in the background.

Once the lightning died we sat by the poolside bonfire for awhile. We never got to do this 2 years ago at Championsgate either.

Just chillin in the pool! It was so empty & relaxing!

Sunday morning we drove out & got Dunkin Donuts for breakfast to eat poolside!

Oh. My. Word. How good were those donuts & iced coffee! Good thing we dont have this near us or I'd be 500 lbs!

We had fun at the pool all morning thanks to a late checkout! David went down the slide a few times (or fell out of it lol)

We both did the lazy river.

Seriously so hard to leave! The water felt perfect!

Checking out of our hotel!

We had a late flight out Sunday night so I took David to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in the Universal Studios CityWalk! His favorite movie of all time is Forrest Gump & his favorite food is popcorn shrimp so I knew this was perfect for him! Seriously yummiest food & awesome atmosphere! Highly recommend this place! (Except it's $15 to park just to enter. Boo!) But we laughed the entire meal with the waitress & other guests. It was great!

Then we walked around CityWalk a little. I had to retake this photo....

Same picture of me 7 years ago when I first came to Orlando & fell in love with it! Probably my favorite place & I cant wait to go back in a year and a half to bring Rylie to Disneyworld for her 5th birthday! Until then, bye Orlando! We had a blast as usual!
And thanks to Mimi for watching Rylie for us!
Click here to view our online album with all photos from our trip! Just click on View Album button.