Monday, May 23, 2011

Our little "Madeline"

Rylie has been full-force in this "Madeline" movie! She only gets to watch this when she's at Mimi's house, but she just remembers everything! She's been acting out scenes from the movie lately & I thought this was hilarious-she even does the British accent!

And here's another part from the movie. She says it so fast, but there's translation underneath..
This part is where Madeline's coming home with the nun teacher & cook with a chicken in a cage in the car. Madeline asks if the chicken is a pet & this is the part she acts out:
Miss Clavel (nun) "No, Madeline. You know the rules. No pets allowed."
Madeline "So what's it for?"
The cook "What's it for? What do you think it's for, dancing? It's for eating."
Madeline "For eating?!"

We've got a little actress on our hands for sure!

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