Monday, May 16, 2011

Cant Forget These

So just a recap, Rylie's been out of school for 2 full weeks now. It's been great! I was going to do an end-of-school post update on her with schoolwork she's finished up but I havent had time! But anyways, the reason we took the month of May off is because Rylie has gone to this school nonstop since October 2009. A year and a half. They don't do Christmas break, no Spring Break, no Summer break. When we switched to 3 days a week (half days) in October, it just ended up being even more exhausting. By the time I dropped her off, I didnt have much time to get anything done. I just decided I wanted to spend these last few months before baby #2 arrives just enjoying Rylie & spending more time with her. And before I get emails with other people's opinion that taking her out of school just to hang with her is crazy, lemme also explain this. Rylie is switching schools. Previously she went to our neighborhood private school, which bases class placement on current age, not birthdate by Sept 1st the way public schools do. So Rylie just completed Preschool 3. Her new school (that she'll start in June then continue more this Fall) bases placement on birthdate by Sept 1st. So Rylie will repeat Preschool 3 this Fall & next Spring. We personally chose to do this for what we feel is in Rylie's best interest. She's not behind or anything. We just prefer to not keep her in private school & start Kindergarten early. Since her birthday's in October, we prefer to let her start on time. So long story short, no harm in skipping the month of May. She's going to do a little Summer camp on Tuesdays in June-July and start back 2 days a week in the new school this Fall. So anyways, we've been enjoying our "Summer break" we've never had before! lol

Aside from sleeping in & playing, we've just been doing dance on Tuesdays still! Rylie & Charlotte were so cute last week. Rylie insisted on wearing purple leotard with red tights & leg warmers (even though it was super hot outside) and Charlotte had one earring on. Just one! They were so adorable! I love this stage of accessorizing themselves.

Rylie's favorite thing to play with at home lately is her "little bitty barbie dolls" as she calls them. And her Ariel castle Cady gave her on her birthday. She only gets these under close supervision so it's a special treat to play with them & it's all we've been doing at home lately! lol

She is also still obsessed with the movie "Madeleine" and loves playing with her Little People dolls & lining them up & reciting the "Madeleine" story.

Just another note to myself-Rylie & I lately have been doing this thing where we say
"I love you."
"I love you more."
"I love you more than _____" and insert something we love a lot.
Some things she's told me lately that she loves me more than: chocolate sprinkle donuts, sleeping, ice cream, cookies, lovey.....and I cant remember any others. But as you can see, she loves her Mommy a lot!  hehe

*Side note-I've had a few people complain about long blog posts. My answer to them is "Get over it." Sometimes I write long posts, sometimes short. But it's MY blog & I sometimes want to remember details. If you dont like reading a lot, then dont come to my blog. I dont care. But I personally would never complain to someone about how they write their family blog. I mean, why even say anything? That's just me though I guess. Ever heard of "If you dont have something nice to say, dont say anything at all?" Just a thought.


The Stairs Family said...

I agree!! If people are annoyed by your blog, why do they even waste their time reading & commenting?! I personally enjoy your long posts, so keep it up!

Rosie said...

Eww! Why would people complain about your post? They shouldn't read it if they don't like it! lol. Oh well.
I love her accessorizing. So cute!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Love her dance pics:) And yeah...get over it!