Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthday Location Visit

Monday Rylie & I visited the place we've had chosen for her next birthday party. We saw an ad for this place back in January & got info online & it's been our #1 choice. I just wanted to visit it in person before committing.

We asked our friends Owen & Ethan to join us so I could see how both ages would do here. And I wanted to get another mom's opinion too. The open play was a lot of fun & we had the place to ourselves most of the time.

Little Ethan had fun too! He kept trying so hard to do everything big brother & Rylie did. He's also become a pro walker!

Their favorite thing was the huge slide in the back!

We're pretty set on this place! Rylie had a blast. We played for over an hour & she still wasnt ready to leave lol

Side note-I never posted an update here but a few friends/family have asked about Susan, Brian, & the boys. Jakarta is a no. We're happy they're still here with us, but at the same time we know how bummed they were to hear that. So keep them in your prayers as they could be headed out somewhere else soon! I can only imagine how stressful it is playing the waiting game!

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