Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby Rylie Memories

 I've started looking at birth announcements online & figured I could go ahead & make a template now so after baby #2's born we could just add photos & have them printed real quick. It took me so long to get Rylie's made after she was born so I wanted to get a head's up this time. 

But it's just made me think about Rylie's announcement & her newborn photos. I recently went back & touched up some of her photos since back then we didn't have the greatest camera nor did I know as much about photo editing! She also had some bad baby acne/eczema then too. 

These are some favorites newly touched up (and not perfect, but much better!) I just wanted to post these since they're not posted anywhere else & since it's appropriate being Mother's Day on Sunday!

Just born-in hospital (my 2 favorites)

A few days old-at home

Her due date-Oct 24 at 5 days old. Right before her 1st outting.
(still a little blurry but this wasnt a good resolution photo to begin with. i still love it because it's her first photo with her eyes open real good looking right at the camera)

One week old
(this photo had horrible baby acne/eczema & was extremely dark. looks 100% better now)

and for fun here was her birth announcement that I made & fixed these photos as well

I feel bad sometimes thinking our next baby will have 100% better photos now that we've got an awesome camera & I somewhat know what I'm doing more. Then again I probably wont have as much time to take as many pictures of #2!

Happy Mother's Day weekend everyone!