Monday, May 9, 2011

22 Weeks

Hope everybody had a great Mother's Day! I love being pregnant during Mother's Day. Such a blessing.

For the belly picture on Saturday I decided to wear the same shirt I wore at 22 weeks with Rylie! I only weighed myself twice this week & I'm about 12-14 lbs up. Still on track. Baby is the size of a spaghetti squash at 11 inches & almost 1 pound! I just have to say too that I LOVE being pregnant! I've really been enjoying this one a lot more & at first it went by so slow but now it's speeding by. =(

Full comparison from Rylie pregnancy & this one! I'm not at the same angle so it's hard to tell. This shirt makes me look huge too with all the ruffles down the middle. It's too big on me now so I changed after this picture.

Another 22 week belly picture!
We had friends over on Saturday afternoon that I'll post about later. The pictures are on David's work camera.

Thursday though Rylie & I visited Mimi at her work & had lunch at the Galleria. They went back to her office & I stopped in Janie & Jack to see their clearance rack. I ended up buying both kids next year's Easter outfits, one full outfit for baby, and Rylie 2 nice wool coats at dirt cheap! I was so excited! And since it was Cinco De Mayo, David took me to a Mexican food dinner! It's all I've been wanting lately!
Friday Rylie was at Mimi's so I could attend MOPS (since she's out of school this month) and since I've been nesting like crazy, I worked for 6 hours in baby's room! I got the dresser put together & just needed to clean out the closet in there since it's been our storage area for years. Still need to take down the wall stickers above the dresser. They will NOT stay on there! And that's Rylie's aquarium bouncer we'll reuse! I just thought a black & white photo would be cool for "before" pictures =)

Nesting has definitely taken over. Everything has to be clean, smell good, and I cant stop ironing clothes! lol I even catch myself cleaning other people's houses. I cant help it.

Gender reveal party this Sunday!!!! So excited!


Rosie said...

Admit it, you did a black and whit epicture so nobody could guess the gender from the wall or changing table cover. The suspense is killing me! lol.

Ashlee McCrary said...

Haha! No we havent even painted yet! It's still the same yellow the playroom was. We're just going to do a neutral tan color anyways. Decided it's easier. Changing pad is just white!