Tuesday, May 3, 2011

21 Weeks!

I didnt take a belly picture Saturday =( We took Rylie to a swim class evaluation that morning then left last-minute to Waco for the weekend. Here's a cute photo of Rylie & me on Sunday though.

As of Saturday I've been up 12 lbs this week. But I'm pretty sure I gained another 5 just this past weekend alone! lol Couldn't resist my Bush's Chicken! I havent had it in sooo long. It was worth it! Baby is now 3/4 of a pound & is the length of a carrot (10 1/2 in). I've felt more movement & it's been stronger too from baby. I'm still sleeping good cept I've been having weird dreams that wake me up a few times. But I'm still comfortable with my Snoogle pillow!

21 weeks with Rylie

We were going to paint the nursery Saturday, but decided to wait. I had bedding chosen that I posted here a few weeks back but before ordering I wanted to look around one last time & of course I found another set I'm completely in love with, just not the price. So we're sitting on a few ones right now before making a permanent decision.

Ok yall, I need some advice! 
Rylie's been extremely clingy to me lately. I thought it was just a phase or because I'm with her all the time at home. But then a friend mentioned it's probably because of the pregnancy and her son was the same way. So I need some advice from my Mommy friends of 2! Did your first one go through this when you were pregnant? If so, how long did it last & any advice on how to handle this? Rylie begs every night to sleep with Mommy & she's not wanting to nap because she wants to "be with Mommy." And she cries during her bath because she wants me to hold her. I dont think we can sign up for anything this Summer because gymnastics scared her since I wasnt out there with her & she would barely go in the water at a swim class evaluation because I wasnt with her. I want to comfort her, but not encourage this to get worse. Know what I mean? There's been a lot of changes going on lately so that might be contributing to it as well.


Rosie said...

First of all, what a pretty picture of ya'll!
Secondly, I just got done posting about Gavin's separation anxiety. After looking up how to deal with it, I did come across it being due to new pregnancy, daycare, or just a general change. Hopefully it's just a stage for Rylie as it supposedly is for Gavin. It's exhausting! Hang in there Momma!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Again, gorgeous pic! Savi didn't really do this during my pregnancy bc I think she was to young to understand fully. She is doing it a little bit now. But it comes and goes. I think either way don't cave in to much, but do comfort her to let her know you are always "there" for her. And the phase will pass.