Tuesday, May 31, 2011

25 Weeks

I've been bad about weighing this week. I think I'm about 16 lbs up. I feel like that may sound like a lot of weight, but then I look at these pictures...

Me at 25 weeks now & then 25 weeks with Rylie-at 20 lbs heavier. Seriously at this point with Rylie I'd already gained 28 lbs. So then I think 16 lbs this time sounds pretty good!
Me & David at 25 weeks. This was our family bbq/shower we had at our house in July 2007.

We made huge progress in Remy's room this week!
We put the crib together last Sunday & added the bedding.

Closeup of the bedding (the blanket is laying on the sheet) I'm so in love with this set! We've also rearranged the furniture 3-4 different ways lol And this past weekend we painted! So by this weekend I should have almost-complete photos to post!

This week's been better about me getting up early & getting around faster. But it's been crazy with hormones. Everything has made me want to cry. The heat's about to do me in already (now yall know why I tried avoiding another Summer pregnancy! lol) I have the glucose test in 2 weeks & maternity pictures this weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Splashin at the Splash Pads

We've kicked off "Summer" early here & visited 2 splash pads this week! It's been so hot already I'm not sure how I'll get through this Summer. I just dont do well in the heat already & being pregnant & chasing a 3 1/2 year old is about to do me in. lol

Rylie & girlfriends SO excited!

Taking dunks with their heads in the water lol

Water attacking from everywhere

The boys joined in & all the kids ran around. So much fun!

The only picture I got from this morning that turned out.

I'm just ready to sit in a pool of cold water! We'll have to try out the pool soon I think!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Coloring Improvement & Bossiness

David took these photos of Rylie coloring at her Mimi's house this weekend. She has mini markers there that she loves & almost completed the whole book!

She's getting so good at staying in the lines & it's one of her favorite things to do lately.

She's also been miss bossy lately. "Come color Mommy!"

And she told me what to color & what color it should be. lol We've been working on her bossiness!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Our little "Madeline"

Rylie has been full-force in this "Madeline" movie! She only gets to watch this when she's at Mimi's house, but she just remembers everything! She's been acting out scenes from the movie lately & I thought this was hilarious-she even does the British accent!

And here's another part from the movie. She says it so fast, but there's translation underneath..
This part is where Madeline's coming home with the nun teacher & cook with a chicken in a cage in the car. Madeline asks if the chicken is a pet & this is the part she acts out:
Miss Clavel (nun) "No, Madeline. You know the rules. No pets allowed."
Madeline "So what's it for?"
The cook "What's it for? What do you think it's for, dancing? It's for eating."
Madeline "For eating?!"

We've got a little actress on our hands for sure!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

24 Weeks


We're 6 months pregnant today!
Pregnant in heels! hehe Have yall seen that show? I love it!
Well, baby is 1 1/2 pounds according to the Dr at my appointment yesterday, measuring correctly. I've been up 14 pounds still which is great.
24 weeks with Rylie. I need to remember to take photos at the same angle as these first ones lol

We got some cute photos from another utlrasound Friday too. They had to check her heart since they couldn't see it last month.

She's already flexible! Completely folded in half with feet up by her face.

Little foot! Looks just like Rylie's foot ultrasound photo!

Rylie's foot ultrasound at 18 weeks

Since the gender reveal party I've been finishing up our registry lists. You would think we dont need anything because we're having another girl, but not quite. Some things Rylie had have been recalled, or were worn out so much they need to be replaced, or broke, and there's a lot of new things introduced in the last 4 years as well. So I've been trying to catch up with everything basically.

For starters, Rylie's bottles from 2007 are not BPA-free. Apparently there was a recall in 2008 if you're not familiar with this and Dr Browns remade all their bottles to be BPA-free. I'm not really familiar with what exactly is the harm of BPA and the details of it. Isnt it only harmful if the plastic is heated? I'd hate to throw all of Rylie's out & get all new ones. Bottles are expensive! But I also want to do what's safe for my baby, even though Rylie used these & is perfectly fine. So not sure what to do on this...
Ok this one I just feel like explaining. Everytime I mention we need a new bottle warmer since Rylie's old one broke (and was recalled) everybody asks why we need one & says they just fed room-temperature bottles. We used this Munchkin brand warmer (above) with Rylie and LOVED it! The reason we needed it is because we used the canned, premade formula that stored in the fridge. We just poured what we needed, put bottle in warmer to get it to room temperature, then fed her. This warmer is also great because it has the sterilizer basket on top, so I could clean 1-2 pacis at a time fast. No boiling water. It holds all size bottles. It can also heat glass baby food jars, but we never needed it for that. Plus this thing's so affordable! I saw at Walmart awhile back they had a new express version that heats even faster (because 2-3 min at 3am while holding a crying baby feels like eternity) but I cant find it online. Hmm...

I also have been stressing tremendously (as in more than necessary lol) about the whole double stroller scenario since our girls will be 4 years apart. But I've already researched the hell out of it, asked a million people, gone back & forth over it, and I think I'm going to just wait until Remy's born to make a decision on that.
This is something I'd never heard of until the past year or so. It's an Angelcare Movement Sensor. It has an alarm that goes off if there's no movement from baby after 20 seconds-to reduce SIDS risk. Yall might remember a friend of mine lost her 2 month old daughter to SIDS. This makes SIDS very real for me after seeing everything they went through so this will provide a lot of peace of mind. This sensor has a sound monitor as well so it doubles it's use. They even have ones with video as well.

I've also been going crazy into nesting. I went into a gas station to buy David ice cream & while reaching down in the bin of pints I decided to organize them. I didnt realize how crazy I was getting into it until David came over & said "No nesting at the gas station!" lol Then I had to laugh. I got his ice cream for him & didnt even get me any out of all that.

Aside from all that (as if this post couldn't be any longer right!) I've been moving around slower. Baby has moved up & I've been out of breath at time. Heartburn has kicked in full-force, mostly at night. I've had problems falling asleep & then sleeping in, so I've been late a lot this past week to things. But I'm adjusting! Only 3 more weeks until 3rd trimester, can you believe that?!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Outdoor Chalk & Sprinkler

Tuesday afternoon Rylie & I sat outside after nap & enjoyed the nice weather. It won't be long before it'll be too hot to want to be outside! It's not quite hot enough lately for the pool yet though.

So Rylie did some sidewalk chalk & worked on writing her letters. She can do about 15 of them on her own and about 4 she needs some help with. The rest we didnt even attempt yet lol

Then I suggested she play in the sprinkler since it was already out & she immediately grabbed a swimsuit & changed! But she's never played in the sprinkler before & said "How do I swim in it?" lol

She had fun running around in the water & was so excited! She only played for about 30 minutes before she was shaking & cold.

Drying off! She had fun & I'm sure we'll be doing this a lot this Summer if I dont feel like braving the crowded neighborhood pool & just wanna sit in the shade & watch her in the front yard.

(Photos from my cell phone)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rylie's Dance Recital

Finally getting this on here! Sorry for the long wait! Here's photos of our little ballerina in her first stage performance ever!

Dressed in costume & full makeup on! This was my first time to ever put makeup on her & she was so thrilled! She sat down for me to do it & said "I'm so 'cited about makeup!" lol

Rylie & Charlotte before show. By far my favorite picture of them!

The 4 girls in their class doing the recital.

Final show! First pose. Rylie's 3rd from left.

Jumping....Rylie's in center

Cute little hugging part....Rylie's last on the right

Jumping again....Rylie's 3rd from left

Dancing with Charlotte-their favorite part I think

Final pose! Seriously such a cute dance! I cant wait to get the video in & I'll post it asap.

Daddy giving Rylie flowers after. And only picture of her flower in her hair that matched her costume.

She was excited about getting flowers of her own

After the show

Mimi & Gaga came to see the recital too!

And so did Grandma, Aunt Sarah, and cousins Isaac and Hayden!

We seriously could not have been more proud of Rylie during her recital! Especially in this clingy phase she's been going through lately. She completely shocked me & was the bravest she's ever been going up on that stage in a very dark auditorium with no adult, just 3 other classmates & doing her dance in front of everybody without any fear. We said before we were going to take a break from any activities this Fall but seeing as how this is something Rylie really loves & wants to continue doing, we decided to continue on this Fall!

So proud of you little Rylieroo! Mommy & Daddy love you very much!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

23 Weeks

I'm super late posting this past Saturday's picture & update but still wanted to include it!
Excited for Rylie's dance recital that was later on Saturday evening! I couldnt even sleep.
Last week I stayed up 14 lbs. I've been watching my sodium intake because I noticed it's starting to make a difference. I notice my fingers swelling & feeling much bigger than normal after eating salty foods.

23 weeks with Rylie! This photo makes me look small back then actually. Must've been a good angle.

This week was just crazy with everything leading up to the weekend! So excited for the gender reveal party that turned out great & finally getting it out there that we're having a GIRL! I ordered crib bedding & it arrived last Friday! So I'll post nursery photos soon as we make more progress. Still have to paint!

I'm a little bummed I took these photos last week wearing these 2 tanks to make a gender voting chart for the party & completely forgot to make the chart! =(

But I had photos similar to these in pink & blue that people voted on with Rylie so I wanted the same chart this time. Oh well! This time we had a reveal party lol

I cant believe this Saturday we're a full 6 months along!

Monday, May 16, 2011

4 Year Anniversary

This past Thursday David & I reached 4 years of marriage! I can't believe it's already been that long. It's going by so fast. We weren't up for doing anything exciting this year. We've just had too much going on. I insisted on no gifts (like I did for Mother's Day too but you see how well that turned out). David was sweet & brought me home roses though & a sweet, hilarious card. I'd honestly spent the morning running errands & cleaning with no makeup on looking ragged & preparing for a big storm that was coming. But I decided to fix myself up nice for us 3 to go out to dinner to celebrate a little. My mom sent us a giftcard to our favorite restaurant-Red Lobster for our anniversary so that's what we did! hehe Nothing too special, but it was just how we wanted to spend it. Couldn't have been a more perfect celebration! Looking forward to many more anniversaries & if this is all we do on our 40th, then I'll be just as happy then as I am now.

Believe it or not Rylie took this photo of us!
(Thanks for lending me the oh so comfy dress Erin!)

Self-taken one too. Arent we cute lol

Our Red Lobster recently renovated & now have this lighthouse hanging inside which is actually THE lighthouse near Mimi & Gaga's house in Maine that Rylie will get to see in person this Summer! Thought that was kinda coincidental so we took a photo. It's Rylie's favorite restaurant too ;-)