Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Worst Allergies

I havent updated the blog in a week because David and I have both been sick. We were fine Monday & Tuesday, but then we got some rain that stirred up our allergies. Wednesday we were both coughing. Thursday I went to the Dr & confirmed it was just really severe allergies & another ear infection (my 3rd one this pregnancy!). David came home from work early Thursday as well with a fever. So I banned him to upstairs while I tried cleaning everything, Lysoling everything, and getting Rylie bathed & in bed all while feeling sick myself. Friday I felt a little better & made it to MOPS while David went to the Dr & Rylie was in school. Friday afternoon David's mom came to get Rylie for the weekend so David and I could just rest & get well! Poor girl hasnt gotten much attention lately. David found out at the Dr he just had severe allergies too & the fever was just from getting worked up. Saturday we were supposed to go to Waco for my brother & his wife's baby shower, but we had to cancel and I'm glad we did because Saturday I couldnt breathe or sleep. I finally napped in Rylie's bed because she had a purifier & humidifier in her room! Then we went to Walmart when we ran out of tissues. I also got some Zyrtec since Claritin hasnt been helping (both approved to use during pregnancy). FINALLY Saturday night I could breathe! David and I both feel so much better today & are so thankful Rylie has a Mimi who could take care of her while we got well this weekend. I dont know how we would've made it through this weekend without her.

Sorry for all the wording & no pictures. This is just what we've been up to this week! I did publish our blog in a book earlier this week so I'll share about that soon and Rylie also has been working on a "Big Sister" book that I'll share later. Of course I've got a 17 week belly post to do as well. So I'll work on those this week as I get back into a routine. Rylie comes back home tonight & we've both missed her so much.


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Sorry you were feeling bad. charlie has had awful allergies as well! Hope all is better now!

ashlee's mom said...

glad you are both feeling better! sorry we didn't get to see you this weekend.