Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tomorrow's The Big Day!

We find out the gender of our baby!!

I cannot even begin to describe how crazy this has been making me the past month not knowing. I don't remember going this crazy over it with Rylie but I feel like there's more on the line this time. With Rylie we were starting from scratch & as much as I wanted a princess, it didn't really matter if it was a boy or girl. But with this one, I've got almost 4 years worth of pink sitting in an empty closet waiting to see if it can be used or not. It will almost be like starting over if we're having a boy.

(these are photos of Rylie "kissing and talking to baby" last night. she always wants to do this!)

We honestly do not care either way this time. I already have my daughter I always wanted (she's actually more than I ever could've wanted). I go back & forth every day between wanting another girl or wanting a sweet boy. David is the same way. We think we finally have names picked for boy & girl. We're still sitting on them a little while longer to make sure we're set on them. But either way baby will have the same initials as Rylie-RPM.

I used to be pretty good at guessing other people's baby's gender & used to think they came in waves-all girls this month, all boys this next month, etc. But lately it's been a complete mix! I've known 4 people having babies this month alone and 2 were boys and 2 were girls. A girl my mom works with is due the same day as me & just heard it's a boy. My neighbor's best friend is due the day before me & just heard it's a girl. So it's completely a toss-up!

I know I'm probably driving you all crazy talking about this on here knowing we wont announce the gender for another 3 weeks after our party, but I just wanted to write some things down to document how I feel for my memory. And I dont think I ever said why we're doing a gender reveal party. I know it's become the big craze lately but that's not why we're doing it. We decided over a year ago after already trying for #2 that we'd do a reveal party for the next one. Most of yall know with Rylie we found out she was a girl & then kept it a secret for 4 months, until the moment she was born. I know it drove everybody crazy not knowing (and it drove us crazy not being able to tell lol) but we did that with Rylie because we just wanted a huge, big, exciting announcement when she was born that IT'S A GIRL! We just wanted one moment where we could shout with excitement on the best day of our lives that IT'S PINK. Might sound crazy to some, but it was how we felt. With this one, I knew I couldn't wait that long again! So we decided we'd do a gender reveal party so this one would also get it's one day of excited announcement that IT'S A ____! We cant wait to share that day with special friends & family! 

(And just wait....if.....and I mean a BIG if....we do have a 3rd we already said we'll wait until it's born to find out the gender ourselves! ha! If I can stand to go through with that. I just imagine that being such an amazing experience!)

But most importantly I just hope tomorrow we have a good appointment, we get some great shots of the baby, we see he/she is 100% healthy, and everything will go smoothly. And just for the record, Rylie will NOT be finding out tomorrow if it's a boy or girl so whatever you hear her say the next few weeks is totally what she's come up with! lol

Ok....enough boring writing! lol If you're still reading, thanks! Wish us luck tomorrow!


Rosie said...

Good luck today. Hopefully you can't contain the news for another three weeks and you might share it on your blog! I can't wait to find out!!!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Good luck! Wanna write me an email and tell me what it is! lol I love reading about it, not boring at all:)