Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rylie at 3 1/2 Years Old

Rylie turned 3 1/2 Wed! I'm just doing updates every 6 months right now & twice for school after each "semester." I'm so glad I've done these all along to look back on when #2 arrives so I know what to look forward to each month or so! Not that they'll be exactly the same though. But here's also Rylie's new Spring school portraits we just got in! (Picture taken of picture so not good color)

*Knows her colors, shapes, and counts to 10 in Spanish (Apparently they've been doing it at school all along but I've never heard her say any of it on her own until now.) Click here for videos!

*LOVES to dressup and her "jewelry" and dress up gloves and tiaras and dress up shoes & purses.

*Huge step in the eating department! This child never ate a hot dog before March. Now she loves them! She's just a very slow eater!

*Everything has to "match." She picks out what shoes to wear with what & what color bow she wants & sunglasses & makes sure it "matches" her outfit.

*Her new favorite movies/shows are Chuggington on Disney, My Little Pony (Pinkie Pie), Madeleine, & Tinkerbell. And her favorite princess right now is Tiana.

*Still not off the Christmas cloud! Back in February she told me we needed to go to HEB to get a new tree & then we could have Christmas again! =) She also asks me all the time if she can go to the north pole to talk to Santa. I told her it was too cold & she said she'd bring a jacket. lol

*Her and her friends have been pretending "monsters" lately & they say there's a monster chasing them & they just run & scream having a good time! Such a cute stage I think.

*Knows her left & right & has for a few months now.

*Anytime music comes on the TV in a show or movie, she runs to the front of the TV & pretends to play the piano & then dances.

*Very interested in reading & spelling. She can spell Rylie, Mommy, Daddy, Mimi, Gaga, Deedee and food lol Click here for video!

*Still sleeps in pullups but she's now been potty-trained for a year! Most of the time she wakes up dry, but I still put a pullup on her because sometimes she wakes up wet.

*She only sleeps with her lovey & only sucks her thumb still at bedtime. She's stopped during the day. But she sometimes sucks on her bottom lip now.

See Kitty in her lap?! hehe! Just like last years!

*Only has school one more week! After next Friday we're done! We're taking May off before she does a Summer camp on Tuesdays starting June. I'll post another school update next week.

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