Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gymnastics Class Visit

We decided last minute to visit a local gymnastics class with Rylie's friend Owen on Monday. We've been debating for awhile whether or not to do them again. We decided on dance class this past Fall & Spring which she loves, but I thought a short gymnastics class would be fun for the Summer. Luckily we tried a free class first before signing up!

The kiddos did some warmups which Rylie loved. They were all stuff she knew from dance class.

THEN things got tricky. This class we visited has been in session since January so all the kids knew this stuff.  

Rylie got brave & did the backwards roll on this mat.

I really didnt think she'd do this, but she did!

And she had a big proud smile on her face after & shouted "I did it, Mommy!"
Then for the next part, she ran away to me crying. lol She refused to do the rest of the activities for awhile.

I finally convinced her to go swing on the bars since I knew she could do that!

And she started lifting her legs up & getting the hang of it! She still wouldn't do the other parts of most activities. She did jump on the trampoline of course! lol She started warming up a bit but was the only one to refuse to do some of the things. She's always saying "I wanna do gymnastics" and "I wanna watch gymnastics" and does flips on the floor all the time. So I really thought she'd love this & Owen being there would encourage her (he loved the class!) But I'm not so sure now =/ We might look into swim lessons for the summer instead! lol

On a side note, I've been trying so hard to eat good this pregnancy, but a new mexican restaurant just opened down the street. We tried it out last night & it was so good! I ate way too much. I think I'll be in trouble having that there. Luckily I've got this stuff to cure my sweet tooth!
It seriously takes just like a key lime pie & they're only 50 calories each!! Hello dessert without the guilt! Seriously I'm now a huge fan and I only tried it because I had coupons lol

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Rosie said...

Yumm! I'll have to try that yogurt!
I would wait on t he gymnastics class too. At least until she's ready. But swimming would be great for both of you. It's the perfect excercise for a preggie!