Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Exhausting Week

I havent blogged in about a week because I've just been so tired. I've started a few posts & then never got back to them. I just feel like we've been on the go all week long! So I'm gonna do a catch up today & post my 19 week pregnancy update tomorrow.

I dont even remember which day this was but Rylie & Owen went on a bike ride one afternoon. Rylie's gotten faster since last time!

We stopped at a little playground for a little bit

Since their usual one was overtaken by dogs. Yes, dogs on the playground, going down the slide. Gross. It was fun to get out & see our friends & we still had fun! 

Thursday morning Rylie & I met some of my MOPS moms at a very nice humongous playground we'd never been to.

Rylie had a ball playing with a new friend, Evy who's 6 months older. They played for like 2 hours before we all went to lunch at "Fuddcrackers" one of Rylie's new favorite places. Both of these days I felt worn out by dinnertime so I've been taking naps again while Rylie does.

David took this photo this week too. Rylie's been very into "Madeleine" lately. She has a book & the movie at her Mimi's house. The other day she was "playing Madeleine" and lined up 12 of her little people in her bed. So cute! David's been taking her out a lot this week in her bounce house with neighbor friends but we didnt take pics.
Hopefully this week I'll have more energy!

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Rosie said...

HA HA! That last picture is funny. I wish we had a playground around here like that. I told my MIL how bad VM's is, so maybe "one day" we can raise some money towards getting a new one! And ya'll can come play on it when you visit!