Friday, April 8, 2011

Blue ''Dots" (Bonnets) Pictures!

Rylie & I joined her friend Raegan for Chick Fil-A's free breakfast yesterday morning! I think this is at every location? After we ate I told Rylie we were going to take pictures in the bluebonnets & she called them "blue dots" all day!


We decided to do something different this year. Since our Waco trip was cancelled last Saturday, we couldn't take bluebonnet pictures there like planned. So we decided to visit a local arboretum this year & see their bluebonnets just for a change of scenery.

I love how the pictures turned out!

And Rylie loved being there & looking at all the pretty flowers.

I had her doing all kinds of poses for me & she cooperated pretty well!

She didnt want to leave when we were done!

Visiting the fish in the pond on our way out. She's already said she wants to go back again! As long as the weather's as pretty as it was yesterday!


Becca - said...

Rylie looks adorable. I had to laugh.....we obviously shop at the same store!! Kendall wore almost the exact same outfit for her bluebonnet pics this week too! Too Funny!

~Shelly~ said...

CUTE! Kinley said "there's Rylie..what is she doing? Is she in the bluebonnets?" LOL

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

SO CUTE! Love these pictures:)

Miranda said...

Where is this place at?

Rosie said...

These are so cute! I love how her outfit stands out w/the bluebonnets!