Monday, April 11, 2011

18 Weeks!

We're 18 weeks! I can't believe it!

I'm up just 8 lbs still. Baby is 5 1/2 inches long, the length of a bell pepper, and weighs almost 7 ounces!
(Thank you Brittany for lending me the shirt!) I dont have a comparison with 1st pregnancy again this week (all our photos from 2007 were on an external hard drive that crashed awhile back). But I do have a lot of photos saved online so I'll have more comparison pics later on! 

Rylie walked up after my picture & wanted to touch baby so David snapped this quick photo. I love it! She really is as excited as we are about baby. I love going through this with a 3 year old, as badly as I wanted to get pregnant almost 2 years ago, I'm glad it's happening now.

So yall are gonna laugh at me. I went a little crazy at Old Navy Friday. I know....I know....I said no more shopping until we know the gender. But the prices were SO GOOD I couldn't resist! I bought one of each! haha!

$3 each and SO SOFT!

I knew these wouldn't be there in 3 more weeks so I had to get them now! They were all on sale too!

$5 sweater that I'm so in love with! Monkey shirt I bought awhile back at Gymboree clearance. I think I'll keep this sweater even if we're having a girl & put flowers on it maybe? It's just the sweetest sweater!

AND the best news this week- we ordered the baby's furniture Saturday!!!
SO excited! Here's the crib & dresser with hutch we ordered from JCP. (The crib also converts to full size bed & we bought the rails too.)

 I'm glad we did this Saturday because I went online just now to get these photos to post here & the crib's already sold out! We got a great deal on clearanced prices plus free shipping & discounts for opening a JCP account. AND it'll all arrive within 2 weeks! Yay!  

I'm pretty sure I'm set on these 2 beddings for girl & boy. The girl bedding I originally wanted is already discontinued.  And this is the only boy bedding I've ever liked in our price range. So I think we're set on these. We'll see if that changes once we hear the gender. Just 18 more days! Well, 18 days plus 2 weeks for yall ;-)

Other than that, I've just been nesting more & more! Rylie's 4th birthday party for October is already planned. Her playroom & closet's already cleaned out for the next one. Just gotta paint, get in new furniture, and decor, and either get Rylie's stuff ready to reuse or sell it & buy boy stuff. lol I have our 2011 scrapbook caught up, almost finished with 2010's scrapbook, and almost finished with our 2009 blog book! Just ran out of ink. My next project to tackle is organizing our office!


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Aw yeah! I'm so glad you are getting use. I didn't know of course what you would and wouldn't like so I'm glad some of it is your style:) I like both beddings alot!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Yeah this is probably the 3rd item I've worn from the box? I think only one shirt didnt fit. I was surprised this one did-it's an XS! lol

~Shelly~ said...

Ok I think u are having a boy :) LOL I couldnt even look at boy clothes or boy bedding when I was PG! Weirdest thing! The furniture is very nice! Good choice!

Rosie said...

Looks like 'somebody' thinks they are having a boy?!? Old Navy got me every time too. Yay for the furniture. You are being super mom with everything you've accomplished!