Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gymnastics Class Visit

We decided last minute to visit a local gymnastics class with Rylie's friend Owen on Monday. We've been debating for awhile whether or not to do them again. We decided on dance class this past Fall & Spring which she loves, but I thought a short gymnastics class would be fun for the Summer. Luckily we tried a free class first before signing up!

The kiddos did some warmups which Rylie loved. They were all stuff she knew from dance class.

THEN things got tricky. This class we visited has been in session since January so all the kids knew this stuff.  

Rylie got brave & did the backwards roll on this mat.

I really didnt think she'd do this, but she did!

And she had a big proud smile on her face after & shouted "I did it, Mommy!"
Then for the next part, she ran away to me crying. lol She refused to do the rest of the activities for awhile.

I finally convinced her to go swing on the bars since I knew she could do that!

And she started lifting her legs up & getting the hang of it! She still wouldn't do the other parts of most activities. She did jump on the trampoline of course! lol She started warming up a bit but was the only one to refuse to do some of the things. She's always saying "I wanna do gymnastics" and "I wanna watch gymnastics" and does flips on the floor all the time. So I really thought she'd love this & Owen being there would encourage her (he loved the class!) But I'm not so sure now =/ We might look into swim lessons for the summer instead! lol

On a side note, I've been trying so hard to eat good this pregnancy, but a new mexican restaurant just opened down the street. We tried it out last night & it was so good! I ate way too much. I think I'll be in trouble having that there. Luckily I've got this stuff to cure my sweet tooth!
It seriously takes just like a key lime pie & they're only 50 calories each!! Hello dessert without the guilt! Seriously I'm now a huge fan and I only tried it because I had coupons lol

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend


Thursday Rylie & I cleaned house for the upcoming holiday weekend. She actually started crying & didnt want to nap because she wanted to help me dust. And she did a good job too!

Friday David had to work so we had a girls day at the outlet mall! So we took a photo before we headed out. We had so many stops to make & then I promised her lunch at Rainforest Cafe where she ate very well!

 Then we stopped by to visit our friends who moved out near the mall awhile back-Reese & her sister Camryn! The girls were so excited to see each other & play for a bit. Then Friday night my mom arrived to spend Easter weekend with us!

Saturday morning we met up with friends Cady & Charlotte at a local egg hunt! Cute picture of the girls waiting for the hunt to start.
Then they got silly! lol

We attended this with Jaiden 2 years ago & Rylie enjoyed it. It was super chaotic this year! And hot!
Rylie had fun but it was super crazy so we left right after the hunt & picked up baby's crib.

Easter Sunday we all went to the church Rylie & I have visited a few times with neighbors (and where I attend MOPS). They did a wonderful service! Rylie cried at the end though because "they forgot to sing her favorite song." lol

Cell phone pics of Rylie with Easter lillies after service. Rylie & Raegan both looking so pretty after church!

Grandaddy & Deedee stopped by after church to join us for lunch & brought Rylie a cute little basket with jewelry in it which Rylie loves!

Then after lunch the Easter bunny stopped by!

And Rylie did an egg hunt in the backyard!

We spent the later afternoon watching a movie & relaxing! It was a good Easter weekend overall. Very busy, but good!

Monday, April 25, 2011

20 Weeks!

We're halfway there!

I'm up 11 lbs-yikes! But the dr said I'm still good. I'm just now at the starting weight I was with my 1st pregnancy, so I'm still happy about that. I feel like I look much further along than I am. I'm just not one of those girls who only gains a belly when they're pregnant & there's nothing I can change about that. I dont have good genes apparently. I gain everywhere & being short makes me poke out more too.

 The baby weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now and is about 10 inches long, the length of a banana. Movements have gotten really strong this week & we finally felt baby move with our hand last Tuesday night.

We did have a good ultrasound on Thursday. This was Rylie & I headed out with my Old Navy baby clothes so I could return the unneeded half after the appointment. hehe I wore the same shirt to this appointment that I wore when I found out Rylie was a girl.

The appointment went pretty well. I was such a nervous wreck about it, not at finding out the gender but at the appointment going wrong. Two of my friends had not-so-good appointments at this same ultrasound place so I figured that'd be my luck too.

We got a cute profile of the baby's head. Hard to see but there's a hand on the left side, kinda like the baby had a finger on the mouth like it was thinking or something! We were able to clearly see the gender and honestly it hasnt sunk in yet. I honestly dont think I like knowing. I feel like the excitement is kinda gone. It's just different finding out with the 2nd one I think, especially when you dont care what it will be! There's definitely happiness over hearing what it is, but also sadness over it not being the opposite-no matter what the outcome is.

Here's Rylie's profile picture at her gender ultrasound!

Rylie's been my little "police" lately. Apparently I've been wearing the same clothes too often. I walked out Saturday (after the belly pic shirt wearing something different) and Rylie said "Ugh. You wear that like two times." lol Then I was putting butter (a small amount) on my toast at breakfast & Rylie said "that's enough!" My little patrol.

We got the baby's crib in on Saturday & the dresser has been rescheduled for delivery Tuesday (so dont let me nap!) The dresser shelf rack is now on backorder til July but luckily it's not something we need right away.

And the gender party's less than 3 weeks away! We had to schedule it then so my family coming up for Rylie's dance recital can be here for that as well. Fitting it all in on one weekend!

Friday, April 22, 2011

School Easter Egg Hunt & Party

Rylie had her school's Easter party Wednesday afternoon & was so excited about it!

Look at her go! (middle with hot pink basket)


Found an egg on the swing!

Look what I got!

Then they had some snack & sweets. This picture was them saying prayer beforehand. LOVE that this school does that & her new school will too!

She had a great time at her little party. I'm sad it's her last one at this school, but lots more in her future I'm sure!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rylie at 3 1/2 Years Old

Rylie turned 3 1/2 Wed! I'm just doing updates every 6 months right now & twice for school after each "semester." I'm so glad I've done these all along to look back on when #2 arrives so I know what to look forward to each month or so! Not that they'll be exactly the same though. But here's also Rylie's new Spring school portraits we just got in! (Picture taken of picture so not good color)

*Knows her colors, shapes, and counts to 10 in Spanish (Apparently they've been doing it at school all along but I've never heard her say any of it on her own until now.) Click here for videos!

*LOVES to dressup and her "jewelry" and dress up gloves and tiaras and dress up shoes & purses.

*Huge step in the eating department! This child never ate a hot dog before March. Now she loves them! She's just a very slow eater!

*Everything has to "match." She picks out what shoes to wear with what & what color bow she wants & sunglasses & makes sure it "matches" her outfit.

*Her new favorite movies/shows are Chuggington on Disney, My Little Pony (Pinkie Pie), Madeleine, & Tinkerbell. And her favorite princess right now is Tiana.

*Still not off the Christmas cloud! Back in February she told me we needed to go to HEB to get a new tree & then we could have Christmas again! =) She also asks me all the time if she can go to the north pole to talk to Santa. I told her it was too cold & she said she'd bring a jacket. lol

*Her and her friends have been pretending "monsters" lately & they say there's a monster chasing them & they just run & scream having a good time! Such a cute stage I think.

*Knows her left & right & has for a few months now.

*Anytime music comes on the TV in a show or movie, she runs to the front of the TV & pretends to play the piano & then dances.

*Very interested in reading & spelling. She can spell Rylie, Mommy, Daddy, Mimi, Gaga, Deedee and food lol Click here for video!

*Still sleeps in pullups but she's now been potty-trained for a year! Most of the time she wakes up dry, but I still put a pullup on her because sometimes she wakes up wet.

*She only sleeps with her lovey & only sucks her thumb still at bedtime. She's stopped during the day. But she sometimes sucks on her bottom lip now.

See Kitty in her lap?! hehe! Just like last years!

*Only has school one more week! After next Friday we're done! We're taking May off before she does a Summer camp on Tuesdays starting June. I'll post another school update next week.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tomorrow's The Big Day!

We find out the gender of our baby!!

I cannot even begin to describe how crazy this has been making me the past month not knowing. I don't remember going this crazy over it with Rylie but I feel like there's more on the line this time. With Rylie we were starting from scratch & as much as I wanted a princess, it didn't really matter if it was a boy or girl. But with this one, I've got almost 4 years worth of pink sitting in an empty closet waiting to see if it can be used or not. It will almost be like starting over if we're having a boy.

(these are photos of Rylie "kissing and talking to baby" last night. she always wants to do this!)

We honestly do not care either way this time. I already have my daughter I always wanted (she's actually more than I ever could've wanted). I go back & forth every day between wanting another girl or wanting a sweet boy. David is the same way. We think we finally have names picked for boy & girl. We're still sitting on them a little while longer to make sure we're set on them. But either way baby will have the same initials as Rylie-RPM.

I used to be pretty good at guessing other people's baby's gender & used to think they came in waves-all girls this month, all boys this next month, etc. But lately it's been a complete mix! I've known 4 people having babies this month alone and 2 were boys and 2 were girls. A girl my mom works with is due the same day as me & just heard it's a boy. My neighbor's best friend is due the day before me & just heard it's a girl. So it's completely a toss-up!

I know I'm probably driving you all crazy talking about this on here knowing we wont announce the gender for another 3 weeks after our party, but I just wanted to write some things down to document how I feel for my memory. And I dont think I ever said why we're doing a gender reveal party. I know it's become the big craze lately but that's not why we're doing it. We decided over a year ago after already trying for #2 that we'd do a reveal party for the next one. Most of yall know with Rylie we found out she was a girl & then kept it a secret for 4 months, until the moment she was born. I know it drove everybody crazy not knowing (and it drove us crazy not being able to tell lol) but we did that with Rylie because we just wanted a huge, big, exciting announcement when she was born that IT'S A GIRL! We just wanted one moment where we could shout with excitement on the best day of our lives that IT'S PINK. Might sound crazy to some, but it was how we felt. With this one, I knew I couldn't wait that long again! So we decided we'd do a gender reveal party so this one would also get it's one day of excited announcement that IT'S A ____! We cant wait to share that day with special friends & family! 

(And just wait....if.....and I mean a BIG if....we do have a 3rd we already said we'll wait until it's born to find out the gender ourselves! ha! If I can stand to go through with that. I just imagine that being such an amazing experience!)

But most importantly I just hope tomorrow we have a good appointment, we get some great shots of the baby, we see he/she is 100% healthy, and everything will go smoothly. And just for the record, Rylie will NOT be finding out tomorrow if it's a boy or girl so whatever you hear her say the next few weeks is totally what she's come up with! lol

Ok....enough boring writing! lol If you're still reading, thanks! Wish us luck tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hippity Hoppity

Saturday we took Rylie to our neighborhood's annual egg hunt. This was our 3rd year to attend.

Rylie saw lots of her buddies there! I love this picture & it's so similar to this photo of them last year. They've grown so much since last year (and yes Rylie's wearing the same shirt as last year-too cute not to!)

Rylie had so much fun hunting eggs! At one point she just put her basket down & ran around grabbing eggs. lol I thought that was pretty clever. Of course we could've held the basket for her allowing her to get more eggs but what's the fun in that? I love her doing it all on her own.

Her full basket & Easter bunny!

So excited to see the Chick Fil-A cow there too!

And her friend Charlotte was there with brother Grayson wearing the cutest matching Easter outfits!

And Rylie's sweet friend Raegan too! These girls play almost every day & have really grown close & this is probably the only picture I have of them together & looking at the camera lol

Saturday night we went to Mimi's house for dinner & Rylie wanted to wear her jammies (she spent the night) and we realized she matched Mimi's apron so I put it on & we got a picture!

Cant wait for Easter weekend coming up!

Monday, April 18, 2011

19 Weeks

Weekly photo from Saturday. Gah not a good hair day lol I was actually wearing regular jeans but that's a maternity top. I've been up 8 lbs all week until Friday I gained another lb so look at it as you want. Baby weighs about 8 1/2 ounces & is 6 inches long, about the size of a large heirloom tomato.

This isnt really a fair comparison since I was sitting in the first one. But here's a late 19 week photo from Rylie pregnancy & 19 weeks with this one!

 I've had a huge appetite increase lately. I feel like a bottomless pit. I bought a lot of fresh fruits & veggies I've been snacking on. Trying to prevent gaining like I did the first time! But this is definitely getting to the harder months where I just wanna eat! lol

This week has also been the start of leg cramps. I've had charley horses already a few weeks back but these are different cramps. Exhaustion has also kicked back in and heartburn's starting to appear too. I had it so bad with Rylie I needed a prescription so I'm expecting that this time too.

I've had some frustration this week. With Rylie I worked in an office, sat at a desk for 8 hours everyday, came home & napped, had dinner with David, then watched tv & went to bed. This pregnancy I'm always on the go, running around like crazy & chasing a 3 1/2 yr old. Well, I finally decided to nap on Friday afternoon & missed our baby's dresser being delivered. Grrr. Hopefully they wont charge extra fees to reschedule that. I feel like I cant take a break or else everything falls apart. I feel so exhausted & yet like I'm not doing near enough as I should. It's been very frustrating this week!

On a happy note, we rescheduled our ultrasound appointment for THIS THURSDAY! I'm so happy! I just asked if I could move it up a week & they let me since I'm 20 wks this Sat. Cant wait to get started on actual baby planning with knowing if we're having a boy or girl!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Exhausting Week

I havent blogged in about a week because I've just been so tired. I've started a few posts & then never got back to them. I just feel like we've been on the go all week long! So I'm gonna do a catch up today & post my 19 week pregnancy update tomorrow.

I dont even remember which day this was but Rylie & Owen went on a bike ride one afternoon. Rylie's gotten faster since last time!

We stopped at a little playground for a little bit

Since their usual one was overtaken by dogs. Yes, dogs on the playground, going down the slide. Gross. It was fun to get out & see our friends & we still had fun! 

Thursday morning Rylie & I met some of my MOPS moms at a very nice humongous playground we'd never been to.

Rylie had a ball playing with a new friend, Evy who's 6 months older. They played for like 2 hours before we all went to lunch at "Fuddcrackers" one of Rylie's new favorite places. Both of these days I felt worn out by dinnertime so I've been taking naps again while Rylie does.

David took this photo this week too. Rylie's been very into "Madeleine" lately. She has a book & the movie at her Mimi's house. The other day she was "playing Madeleine" and lined up 12 of her little people in her bed. So cute! David's been taking her out a lot this week in her bounce house with neighbor friends but we didnt take pics.
Hopefully this week I'll have more energy!