Saturday, March 12, 2011

Very Fun Thursday With Mommy & Friends

We had such a fun Thursday this week!

First Rylie & I spent the morning at the big playground in our neighborhood! We just needed a change of scenery & hadn't been in awhile. It was too pretty not to go!

And just for fun I had to take another picture of her on the big rock! Apparently I do this every Spring!

Spring 2010 and Spring 2009

On the little slide first!

Jumping off the step! Loves jumping!

Then she pushed Kitty on the swing!
(If you look back on the 2009 playground date with Mommy you'll see Kitty was there too!)

Then she played on the swing

She stared so long & hard at the pool by the playground! This girl's counting down til it opens! lol

Then she took Kitty down the big slide!

Then she showed Kitty how it's done! After an hour playing we went home & girl ate her a good lunch! We're definitely hitting a growth spurt because she's made a "happy plate" a lot lately!

She took a good nap & when I went to wake her I found this. All her friends lined up "down for naps" too while she was zonked out! So cute!

Then we met up friends for dinner at "Fuddcrackers" as Rylie calls it. Is this not the cutest picture of Owen & Rylie?! So happy to see each other!

Our MOPS group was having a fundraiser so lots of people showed up! All the kids looked so cute sitting at the table I had to take a photo! Such a fun dinner! And we were nice & brought David home some food since he didnt get home til late ;-)

Just for fun I have to include this-my friend Susan and I hit up the huge Gymboree sale going on now & she convinced me to buy these 2 baby boy outfits. They were dirt cheap so if I am having a boy-sweet deal! If I'm not, I can return them in 7 weeks.

How cute?! I still honestly cant tell at all what we're having. I actually told David when I brought these outfits home it doesnt feel natural for me to have these! lol It might be because I'm having a girl? Or it might be because I'm only used to buying girl clothes? We'll just have to wait & see!


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

It feels weird to me sometimes still to buy boy stuff!

Veronika said...

So cute how she had her babies lined up for a nap! haha Cute baby outfits too :)