Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break & St Paddy's

This week was Spring Break for us, which doesnt mean too much for a stay at home mom with a toddler except that we avoid zoos, museums, and malls this week! LOL Rylie did still have school Mon, Wed, Fri this week.

Tuesday Rylie didnt have dance class though but we had to get out of the house. We browsed Ross & I discovered they have scrapbooks for cheap! I found this adorable school years book for Rylie to start in a couple years.

Then we hit up the carwash, which thrilled Rylie of course!

That afternoon we met our friends at a local playground. It was actually 44 degrees this morning but warmed up to mid 70's by afternoon!

Saying hi to the local ducks in the pond!

Thursday was St Patty's Day & Rylie was invited to a playdate at Raegan's house. She was excited we had "matching" shirts (hers is actually from last year that still fits!)

She wanted to wear her new "Tiana" dress to the playdate. It's just a cute green dressup costume from Marshalls that was $10! I dont spend a lot on dressup. They're made too cheap to! So I was thrilled to find this & Rylie was excited to have a "Tiana" costume. It actually has wings for it too so she can be "Tinkerbell" as well!

Raegan's friends & Rylie eating lunch together! She had a bunch of girls from her dance class over & Rylie had a ball playing with them for hours!

Today I took Rylie to school & then went to the Dr. I've had bad allergies the past 2 days & couldn't stand it any longer. I've had no sleep for 2 nights. Turns out I've got another sinus infection & ear infection! It's the same thing I had in December. Thankfully I got to the Dr early & got a prescription before Rylie got out of school. Then we both took naps! I'm already feeling better & looking forward to a fun weekend with family.

I also want to ask for some prayers for my Grandma on my Dad's side. She was hospitalized this morning with pneumonia. She just turned 90 last Fall. She seems to be doing ok, but I'm worried about her. Any prayers would be appreciated.

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

She looks cute in her dress up outfit:)