Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rylie's New Big Girl Room

We finally finished with Rylie's big girl room last week so here's the photos!

Big girl bed & new bedding from We wanted something to match her pink walls & green rug already & not clash with the off-white furniture. This was perfect! Rylie LOVES it! She kept asking for her "new bed with flowers." I'm still searching for a new lamp & new frames to put photos of her friends in. I might have to make those though.

Throw pillows from Walmart and I redid her letters last week with scrapbook paper & mod podge I already had on hand. So for $0 we matched letters to new bedding! Rylie was precious when I showed them to her & said "it matches!"

All her toys from the playroom!

More toys from playroom. She loves coming up here & playing in this little area.

Vanity & dollhouse on other side of bed

View from her bathroom door (new curtain from Walmart)

And we had to put a small shelf for more toys in her closet along with the pink basket of dress up clothes.

So far she LOVES her new big girl bed & room! She said she fell out of bed the very first night, but the way it looked we're not sure if she really did or just fell getting out of bed. This was a big change & she's sleeping a completely different angle than she was before. We've had no problems since! She loves to play up there & she's been really good about cleaning up her toys every night before bed. Mostly we just love laying in her bed with her & reading stories every night. =)


Tiffany said...

turned out really cute!! i know she just loves it :)

~Shelly~ said...

Oh my goodness its so cute! Love it all, great job!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Such a cute room!