Friday, March 25, 2011

Kids In Action with Carter

It's been such a crazy week! If you saw my Twitter updates on the side, you know I had a 2-day-long migraine Monday-Tuesday. Finally got relief on Wednesday! Thursdays are our "Rylie-Mommy" days where we have no place we're set to be at any time & just have fun together. This week was Spring cleaning day & Rylie was my helper. BUT we decided to take a little break & do a Kids in Action playdate with Carter!

We havent been there in about a year! Rylie was excited to go!

This obstacle thing was Rylie's favorite!

She still fit in the dolphin swing! haha

Carter in the swing!

Now she's big enough for the rings too!

Jumping on the trampoline

Carter & Rylie climbing some mats

Talking to miss Tiffany before going down the slide

Walking the beam. She was excited to "do gymnastics!"

The balloon balls! Definitely both girls' favorite!

Then they did bubbles at the end!

We had so much fun with our friends! Rylie wore herself out. She didnt even wanna eat lunch. We came home & she napped hard while Mommy did more cleaning. I had MOPS this morning & was so excited to make a breakfast casserole to bring.. Then my casserole messed up in the oven. So it was Shipley kolaches to the rescue! lol They were good though!

I also got Rylie's cupcake she made at Kate's Mudpie birthday party today! It came out really cute!


Rosie said...

Boo on the migraine! At least you got to go play and have fun! That cupcake is cute!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Sorry about your headache! That place looks like fun:) Glad you got the clothes. Later when you are done, just email me and I'll tell you the few things that I might want back.

GRANDMA said...

cute cupecake Rylie!