Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Raegan!

Saturday afternoon was Rylie's good friend Raegan's 4th birthday party! Rylie got sick the day before her party last year & we were so sad to miss it. So we made sure this year we would make it!

She had a beautiful CUTE royal Cinderella party! And she looked so pretty in her Cinderella attire!

There was a REAL Cinderella there doing all the girls' hair & makeup first

Rylie getting her hair done

And makeup! Her first time EVER to wear any kind of makeup! She was loving it!

Rylie & Charlotte dancing! They had all these cute dressup things there for the girls to wear.

Then they all got in a big circle to dance with Cinderella

Dancing with their "pretend princes" hehe!

Waving in the "parade"

Then Cinderella read the story "Cinderella"

And it was time for cupcakes!

Singing Happy Birthday

Then Raegan opened her presents and the present-giver got to sit with her while she opened each one.

Saying bye to Cinderella
It was such a CUTE birthday party & was the perfect age for this kind of thing! Rylie had such a blast! Thanks for inviting us Reagan!


~Shelly~ said...

I want to have an all girl party for Kinley but I feel like I will offend the boys (or their parents I should say).
Her Cinderella dress is the best I have seen- where did she get it? Disneystore.com?

Ashlee McCrary said...

Yes, Raegan's Cinderella dress was GORGEOUS on her! They just bought it at the Disneystore like a week or 2 ago! It was her birthday present since her last one that she wears ALL THE TIME was already worn out lol That's why Rylie keeps asking for a Cinderella dress to match Raegan's! Just wish they made them more durable for what they cost!