Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Owen & Ethan!

Sunday afternoon I took Rylie to a double birthday party for Owen who's turning 3 and Ethan who's turning 1! Rylie's really been looking forward to going!

The party was at GoWonderwild, an indoor playground we've been to once before for a playdate. Rylie was fearless this time going on the big slide!

Cady going down the slide!

Charlotte going down the slide too!

Ella and Ethan having fun in the ball pin! I cant believe how big these 2 are getting now!

Rylie and Owen in the ball pit

Riding the train! Her favorite!

Miss Maggie! Doesnt she look so grown up? Love her little "wave" here!

Coming down the big slide!

Time for pizza! Birthday boy Owen 

Ready to eat! Mostly she wanted to drink a zillion of those juice drinks lol

Susan did a great job with a cute monster theme for the party!

Monster cupcakes!

Charlotte & Jaiden were such flirts!

Birthday boy Ethan enjoying his cupcake!

Owen & his monster cupcake!

Of course Rylie enjoyed her chocolate cupcake too!

After eating, Susan had cute sock monsters for the kids to make. Sweet Kate making hers!

Pretty girl Hadley watching the activities! I caught her off guard but I think this picture is so cute! She's growing so fast already!

Little man Grayson (aka Charlotte-look-alike! Rylie still says she wants a brother like Charlotte lol)

After the party Rylie was wanting to give Owen a hug & he was playing hard to get! She chased him around trying to get him!

Finally caught him! And then she wouldn't let go! lol

We're so glad we made it to their birthday party because sadly it looks like they're going to be leaving us soon. Unfortunately it wont be a close move. They're actually going to Jakarta, Indonesia. As soon as the paperwork is finalized they could be gone in 2-3 weeks & that could be anyday now. =( (There is still a small, very rare chance it may not go through, but again very rare) We're so so bummed to be losing some great friends, but they're so excited about this wonderful opportunity so we're happy for them! At first I cried when Susan called & told me the news, and then I researched Jakarta all afternoon to see where they're going. We're totally going to be emailing/facebooking/skyping all the time! lol I havent told Rylie Owen is leaving yet. But as you can imagine it's a crazy time for them trying to sell a house & get everything ready to move a family across the country in just a short notice! Please keep them in your prayers that everything will work out & go smoothly for them!

Obviously Rylie had a great time at the party! And when we got in the car she said "I'm SO EXCITED to go to Mimi's house!" So I had to snap this picture real fast.

I had to include this photo too. When we got to Mimi's house, Rylie begged to ride her bike to the local park with Gaga. I've never seen her ride this big-girl bike & lemme tell you I swear she aged a year just seeing her on it! Ahhh my girl's growing so fast! If that wasnt enough, we also went & got her new mattress & put together her big-girl bed Sunday night too! I'll post more on that later though with new pictures. Our little princess is growing up so fast!

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Love that first picture of her! And I can imagine the feeling for when she was on a bike:) PS. I am all organized and will be mailing you your maternity package this weekend!