Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kate!

This past Saturday was Rylie's friend Kate's 3rd birthday & we attended her sweet party!

The party was at Mudpie, the pottery painting place we'd been to once before. Rylie was SO excited to paint! They each got ceramic cupcakes, fitting with the party theme, to paint on their own!

Rylie picked out her 4 colors on her own & painted the bottom blue and the top pink!

Rylie & Kate working hard on their masterpieces.

All of Kate's party girlfriends! We managed to get a picture of them all looking! Took a try or two ;-)

Singing Happy Birthday!

Course Rylie wanted a purple "chochy" cupcake, her favorite color.

Candyland from Rylie!

Rylie & her Kindermusik girlfriends minus Charlotte. Cant believe how big these pretty girls have gotten!

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