Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kai!

Saturday afternoon was Rylie's neighbor friend Kai's 3rd birthday party!
He had a Toy Story theme party!

Rylie and the birthday boy
Rylie wanted to play outside for most of the party lol

Opening his presents!

Maggie & Jaiden came too. Everyone couldn't believe how grown up Maggie looked!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Raegan stopped by too

And all the kids got a ride on a big tractor at the end which they loved!

Rylie had a good time at the party she'd been talking about all last week! Then we visited Mimi's house where she got her favorite snack-pistacios! She's been eating these over there since she was maybe 18 mos old? They're her favorite! On Sunday David shampoo'd the living room carpet & stretched it out then we picked up Rylie from Mimi's. I cant believe Spring has officially started! Although with this pollen, I'm already looking forward to it being over lol!

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